Thursday, January 6, 2022


The public is saturated with slave stories these days but imagine the frustration of the writers that can find not a single slave owner who felt, after owning slaves, that they deserved or merited their freedom from bondage and left them, in their wills, to their children. Thousands of years of such behavior as the world gentled and civilized around some of them to the point where they undertook SCIENCE and with it the introduction of labor saving technologies developed by frivolous wealthy inventers in places that served as strongholds of the dark arts and the industrial revolution. Slowly Watt and Eli and a thousand other inventors stripped the idea from mankind that the labor of serfs, chattel slaves, and the like were necessary to produce a gain in the life of all mankind. It came over centuries and it left in its wake a plethora of shopkeepers and mill workers and coal miners who toiled all the hours of the day and night to produce factory goods but it in turn left behind the ones that knew not how to make cannons and locomotives. Where did they go?

Wouldn't you like to know!

I suspect those serfs ended up in the Teacher's Unions, all of them. They own them lock stock and barrel. They are the radioactive waste of the twentieth century. Nobody really knows what to do with them.

I caught some of the public malinformation source recently talking about the shameful horrible death of the American union worker and it was all about Ronald Reagan and oddly enough his overt statement to the government union of shills, 'if they do not return to work, they are all fired.' The public crayon eater tried to make this a killing blow for Reagan and the West but kind of glossed over the fact that at 6% of the workforce in unions and much of that outside the UAW in the government sectors, it didn't really fly. The unions ate themselves out of existance and nobody really misses them. Consider today. The jobs are there and it is workers who own them because the labor shortage the DEmocrats have imposed on us for generations is OVER.

Every single time the labor market finally starts to get its feet under it and take off the benighted fools flood the market with unskilled labor in the millions and still think they are doing good because look........!!! Wages are slashed again because immigrants will work for anything.

The teachers are finally finding the limits of human endurance. I really hope they are all fired but then, they own the Democratic Party and every creature in it. OTGH, the people are wised up now and finding ways to make the $ follow the pupils wherever they may go which sounds the death knell for the public schools in the greater urban zones.

At some level, it is possible to feel sorry for some of the teachers because for them, thanks to the policies they endorsed so radically over the last 30 years, they get to work in a target gallery and get beaten every single day of the week by their 'students' who really ought to have been expelled the first time they did violence on a teacher.


SCOTTtheBADGER said...

the BadgerMom was a teacher, and she dispaired over the current crop of teachers. They are made up of those who partied in the first two years of college, and found out, when the Junior year, and time for a Major, that getting an Ed degree would not cut into the partying too much. Then, when they graduated, and got teaching jobs, they were burrowed in like ticks, with good wages, and amazing benefits.

HMS Defiant said...

my mom was a teacher.

HMS Defiant said...

she got over it but the tiaacrf a was hellespont crossing worth watching.