Thursday, January 27, 2022


So the ineffable Joe has declared that Justice Breyer is gone and will be replaced on the Supreme Court by a person whose ONLY qualification is the color of its skin. I say 'it' advisedly since liberals are easily fooled and will insist until they turn blue in the face that Bruce Jenner is a woman. The democrats are crowing about a black woman nominee but they have only the loosest association with being able to discern color what with their 'one drop rules' and then they believe anything anybody tells them about sex so any guy could simply declare himself a woman and black and voila! A black woman appears unto them.

I'd be terminally embarrassed to be picked by slow joe for the job simply based on the color of my skin. That sounds like pure aryan racism to me.

The other things the BBC were moaning about were the winter famine wiping out the children of the Taliban and the poor pitiful Ukrainians who are ill-equipped to fight the Red Army. I see a confluence of benefits here. The Taliban have $89 billion dollars in high tech weaponry they manifestly don't need and the Ukraine produces most of Europes wheat. They could trade weaponry to the breadbasket of Europe for food. Win win!

Helpful. That's me.


Dan said...

The alleged gender and race of the nominee selected by Biden's puppeteers is debatable. The fact that they will be a blatant flaming communist is NOT debatable.

Ole Scrapper said...

That my friend is the actual fact.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

The Ukranians could probably find a use for some Javelins.