Tuesday, February 1, 2022


I read Larry Correia every now and then here. He usually posts in face book and I don't pay any attention to that. When he gets banned there he drops a few words of wisdom on his old blogsite. This was pretty much in the x-ring.
It helps to know who the enemy is. They have been manifesting themselves quite brilliantly ever since the election and the virus counter-response. They really are singularly inept. You should read it all.


  1. They can't be that inept....they are in power and will almost certainly STAY IN POWER thanks to "mail in voting" and Dominion Voting Systems. TINVOWOOT

  2. Dan your last thought makes my hair stand up... election counters being honest or being butts and counting per their bosses...

  3. I personally know people that would be just fine with the idea of camps for those they don't like, or are afraid of.