Sunday, February 27, 2022


The collective western powers are laying in sanctions on Russia. From here in middle-America the word for what they are doing is, ECONOMIC WARFARE. As we did against Japan in the 1930s, we are dabbling right now in open warfare against a major power and 99% of the people in America and Europe don't realize it.

in other reports this morning, Russia placed its nuclear forces on alert. Those familiar with Sir John Hackett's book, The Third World War might say a little prayer for the good people of Birmingham and Minsk. It didn't end well for them.


  1. There are some significant differences between sanctioning Russian and the sanctions placed against Imperial Japan. The primary problem being Japan was an island with FEW natural resources. Russia is the largest country in the world with TONS of resources. As for the saber rattling....that SOP for Russian dictocrats. When ALL of Russia's subs that are fit for duty are sent to sea and ALL of ours follow suit THEN the Shiite is about to hit the fan.

    1. The underlying intent is the same, to inflict harm and damage on a sovereign state which is, as you you note, quite rich and stuffed with resources. I stopped monitoring the real time ASW picture out of the USSR back in 1986 when latest data on Papas dropped down to open source. I don't trust the open source on anything//Gell-Mann//related and I carried into civilian life a hefty balance of *knowing*. For all I know from open sources, the Red Fleet sortied all their subs last week and their nuclear alert posture upgraded the status of both their missile and bomber forces as well. When a country like Russia can launch ship killing missiles from the Black Sea or Sea of Azov and hit targets in the Eastern Med, I think they got the reach and the punch to hurt people too wrapped up in symbolism to actually deal with or cope with reality.

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    1. 30 years later, 15 moves and I still have a hard copy of that book on the shelves.