Tuesday, February 8, 2022


To end the "crisis" over Ukraine and Russia all Biden has to do is declare that NATO will not expand to encompass Ukraine which is no more than what we solemnly agreed to with the dying Soviet Union when they permitted the two Germanies to reunite again at the end of the Cold War. Simple. Easy. Forthright. Shows integrity.

All Canada has to do to end the trucker strike is strike down the ridiculous, stupid and counterproductive vaccine mandate and the truckers will all go back to work. That's it. Nothing hyper complex. No endless wrangling over wages and benefits. Just get the damned government tyrants back in the box and go back to work. Simple. Easy. Forthwright. Scientifically valid.

12,000 hours of news coverage from the usual suspects plus PBS, NPR, Deutche Welle, France TV news, Japan news and not one peeop anywhere about bringing these things to a screeching halt by just behaving like rational human beings. On the gripping hand I really hated reading Econ texts which always started out with the line, "we assume all states to be rational actors." You could fool me.


Ole Scrapper said...

Your post with Tucker is correct. This is the way crumbling power reacts. Totalitarian's attempt to crush dissent. Maybe blm could respond as they did in Portland .... wait one ... the gangster movement is in a bit of finance reveal Delima.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

The last thing the press wants is a peaceful resolution to anything. If it bleeds, it ledes.