Friday, December 29, 2023


 We spotted this last night on the Fairport Harbor camera over at Gunsmoke and Knitting. We never used search lights at night in the Navy unless we were messing around late at night and nobody was paying attention. This is a Laker entering the wildly misnamed Grand River.


Fairport Harbor entrance to Grand River earlier that day.


When you look at the utter disaster the deservedly scorned and despised have made of education in this country I wonder that we haven't had one of the dedicated haters of humanity sickly and viciously attempt to force all the little children to write left handed just like xer. Come to think of it, I just know one of those scum is out there right now trying to force a whole kindergarten class to write left handed.

Wednesday, December 27, 2023


 I was chatting with my little pilot after Christmas Dinner and he was concerned that Elon Musk had ruined Earth's orbital space more or less forever by launching Starlink satellites into orbit. I tried to reassure the young pilot that this was not the case and that the link satellites were all deliberately put into low earth orbits that would guarantee their return to earth within approximately 5 years from going online. Our pilot was absolutely convinced that I was in error! Ha.

At any rate, I did look into it this morning and found that yeah, what I'd read through a year or so ago was still true and that all the link satellites are already getting hit with drag and will fall to earth in about 5 years after launch. What troubled me though was how hard it was to root out the truth from google/duck/etc. It took 5 different search queries to even winnow down the lies and misinformation. 

I know that the web has been filled with lies since shortly after it went world wide. My first real eye opening experience was looking. up Senator John McCain shortly after he announced his run for the Presidency and I found that I had to page through something like 30 full screens of outright lies about the man on my first google search. I knew it was a foul place but I had no idea how foul it was until that moment when I realized that most people unfamiliar with the truth would simply accept everything they read off google as the absolute truth.

I used to make up for some of the flaws in the web search by using Yandex. I haven't troubled the web looking for its version of truth in years so I had failed to notice that Yandex is gone and Duck and google just are not anything like worthwhile when it comes to getting the facts and this now applies to almost every branch of science, history, current events or anything under the sun. All of it is spun and the only way to know it is to be familiar with the primary source material or to have been there.

People now talk about the "real history" of the United States or the World as if the people who have been writing it down for the last 2000 years just made it up. The current crop of fools believe that they must all have conspired together to write it in such a way as to completely erase the parts that the "new historians" are trumpeting. That they can do this almost defies belief. Did they never have to look at primary source materials in school when writing a report? Did they never read biographies and perhaps even biographies written by different authors about the same man? I think the answer is no. Asked to carry out some bit of research the trusting little fools all turn to the biased and lying internet to scrape together the facts they want to believe in and call that research and background information. This doesn't bode well for the future.

I used to read the Encyclopedia Britannica. My dad's parents gave us their copy of the entire thing plus all the year books through 1968 and my parents cleverly put it by the bathroom for light reading. Much more to the point, I also found as I got into my 20s that the World Almanac covered most of the facts that needed covering and you could always buy the previous year edition for under a dollar. Real information was never further away then the door outside the bathroom.

My young pilot also thinks that a lot of the debris in orbit is caused by accidental collisions of satellites and I can see why the naive might believe something like that because they really have no idea how small things are in a volume so large. I tried to find some data on accidental collisions and the only one I found at all believable involved a Russian dead satellite/part and an Iridium Satellite.  I can't believe anything about a putative dead Soviet satellite and I would have thought Iridium would have been very careful about the orbital mechanics for one of those satellites. On the other hand, I do know that we conducted anti-satellite tests and destroyed satellites in orbit and so did the USSR and China. There is a lot of crap up there that came from smashing satellites together but all the rest of what I saw online was hype and scam right up there with global warming scaremongering.

I started out, literally, on the Secret Internet Protocol in 1996. When I reported to work in Bahrain I did not own a computer and had no plans to own one. I did not own a modem or plan to. When I arrived in Bahrain I found that on. my desk, on every staff member's desk there was a SIPRNET computer and each was fully connected to that network. I pretty much remained on that network until I retired 15 years later. I accepted all of what I found on that network to be as accurate as people could make it. If there were errors they were not deliberate errors although some things could clearly be ascribed to as false intelligence. For the most part, what I read was what was real. It's nothing like that on the world wide web and hasn't been since shortly after it went live and people got beyond TELNET and FETCH and BBS.

I would say that this constitutes an enormous problem for civilization. I knew that the enemies of civilization had swept the schools, the teaching profession, the universities, the news and information networks on television, cable and the radio but I thought that there was still an excellent chance of finding the truth about things more or less as easily as it was to find the lies. This is not the case.

I read L. Sprague de Camp's wonderful story, Lest Darkness Fall back when I was going to school in Huntsville and it struck a chord. I knew enough about the history of that timeline to follow along as he departed from our History and started writing another. I don't know anybody under the age of 50 today who could do that. People don't seem to know any history at all. I guess its the same with science, math, government, geography and all the other things I spent my youth learning and keeping up with.

It's hard to believe that the story was written 1939.

Monday, December 25, 2023


Joy and good tidings to all, from all of us.

Tuesday, December 19, 2023


 I wonder if there are any normal red blooded American men left in Colorado....


 One of the ignored facets of wide open borders and endless waves of migrant military age muslim men is that the enemy's entire guerilla force is already deeply embedded in the countries in the West and they can pretty much operate at will and with almost total impunity. There is almost no crime that they can commit that will see them deported from idiotic shitholes like France, Germany, Great Britain or any other country in the EU. Worst of all, they all know it now.

Aligning your country's navy with the defeat of endless islamic pirates in the Bab-el-Mendeb and the Horn of Africa is a total nonstarter for even the dimly self-aware politicians in charge of the West and they realize, somehow, that poking the pirates with a sharp stick will result in immediate retaliatory strikes against their people, their mass transit systems and their infrastructure including the power grid; all of which are completely defenseless against any kind of attack.

It's kind of sad that people don't realize this yet. On the gripping hand, I'm convinced that we're now down to less than 2% of the population being aware of anything at all. You literally see this in the Blue cities now overrun with endless and increasingly violent crime and the response of law and justice system is to do absolutely nothing which begets even more violence and crime and still the system does nothing. It cannot go on.


 Next time we dip into the well of madness and insanity (modern science by consensus) we are going to practice a different method of reducing viral infections. All masked people must get triple vaccinated, stay at home and never under any circumstances, go outside. For a year.

Sunday, December 17, 2023


 If you had any doubts about the outcome of decivilizing this country and its effects on military readiness and capabilities here' your answer and it isn't pretty. This is just one snippet. Go to the link and read the rest of the article. It describes an epic tragedy that needs the a writer and soldier like Thucydides to explain what is going to happen when this army does go to war. They won't make it out of the barracks.

I have a pretty good idea, just looking at them, just how invaluable they would be in any job in the Army, much less one that required actual exertion, attention to detail and support.


Hey kids, don't join the military. It's way more lethal than you could ever even imagine.

Thursday, December 14, 2023


The DNC announced today that it is voiding its support for kleptocrat dementia supreme leader Biden and offering the Führership of the Socialist Workers Party to Kamala Harris, the Presidential Vice. In other news:


 I see that another of our Atlantic oast sailors has weighed in on our role in the Ukraine-Russia War and he is not at all happy with US under-performance in getting stuck deep into a meaningless, pointless, irrational and stupid war that demonstrates exactly what the merits of NATO are and just how meaningless NATO has become. Those of us on the Pacific Coast and Middle East Force had little trouble understanding that NATO was a pointless suck that drained our money and warships into shoring up the illusion that there was still some remaining shred of military might and competence still ashore in Western Europe. We saw it all as nothing but pure waste after the Cold War ended and everyone retired to their own corners and left each other to their own devices for awhile. 

Some of us saw it clearly enough when the USN and America essentially eliminated Sixth Fleet and the Mediterranean became as harmless to the West as the Sea of Cortez. There were no menacing and dangerous cancers left to blight Europe's sudden freedom from the crushing burden of not actually supporting NATO with any meaningful military spending, training, or utility for over 30 years. They could relax and get ready to welcome all the boat people from Africa that NATO's cunning decapitation of Libya made so inevitable and well deserved.

It's fascinating to think that there really are military officers who believe and write about Russia's imperial ambitions which, they exclaim, showed Russia meant to expand upon by pouncing on a supine Ukraine and wrest it out of the hands of NATO or the EU. That's not really what happened and everybody who actually reads knows that's not what happened. A guileless, stupid and rapacious bunch of thugs in NATO and Ukraine thought they could vastly expand the corruption and flow of money into their own pockets by bringing Ukraine into NATO and they proposed doing that over the howling objections of a Russia that they had lied to and told that they would never do such a thing. They got caught red handed.

Putin tried for a simple coup-de-main but it never really stood much of a chance and I think he knew it going in. The teething problems generating a combat force out of an entire nation that had no blooded cadre of officers, men, doctrine, tactics or techniques for waging modern war was not a surprise to anybody versed in sudden war after a prolonged peace. You should read the butcher's bill for our Civil War, World War I and World War II and if you're a glutton for punishment, Korea. Expertise in battle only comes with battle. The next naval war is really truly going to suck. All the Royal Navy Falklands lessons bounced right off American naval staff and went nowhere.

They got so caught up in believing what their idiot POL/MIL and NATO planners told them about the 'correlation of forces and superiority of all military and political things Western,' that they let their ambition run away with them and left Russia no choice but to make it clear that buffer states must remain buffer states. That's a lesson that the idiots and fools in the Baltic are relearning as they make the pretense of gearing up and girding their loins and spending money they will never have to buy weapons to stave off the illusionary 'Imperial Russia.' 

I am no longer so amused or tolerant of the idiots who told us a year ago that Russia was bled out and had lost the WAR because some failure of a 4 star American former general says so. What passes for the media in this country simply accepts anything that dribbles out of the mouth of men like Petraeus and the other monkeys privileged to wear 4 stars and they rabbit on about a Ukrainian Counter-offensive that will crush the Russians under the treads of the 40 or 50 NATO tanks that the NATO was able to generate and dispatch to Ukraine almost a year after placing the order and telling the Ukrainians to soldier on. How sickening and pathetic.

I got a kick out of this marvelous bit of news. See for yourself but here's a paragraph or two for your amusement:

 Just think of that! The NATO bozos have spent the last 5 years planning an Air Deployment Exercise involving a mere 250 planes and 10,000 personnel! That pretty much defines NATO and the people who used to work for SACLANT to a T. This giant exercise will appear to require just 10 aircraft from each NATO member. I get the feeling most of them will be business jets and most of the participants, if they leave their home bases at all, will probably fly commercial air.

That's not the only insanity in the article, Consider: this is the latest help from a NATO member to Ukraine to encourage them to continue fighting and dying for no sound reason at all except that money flowing into the pockets of businessmen, our politicians and cronies of Ukraine's dictator and his sycophants. Read it and weep.

How can any sane American believe that by supporting war in Ukraine we are doing anything but evil? 

What we are seeing is the rough Russian equivalent of the United States invading Mexico with just the forces we currently have stationed or based in California. The Economic Sanctions we levied on Russia have shattered the economic standards that we are so accustomed to that we hardly even notice and all the people that tell you that this war is ruinous to Russia and good for us have been lying or simply ignorant and foolish. 

On the gripping hand, they are the same voices that pronounce that the United States must gear up now for the coming war with China. They never seem to be able to articulate the victory conditions that would have to apply to end such a war and given we haven't ended the last war we got into with China, it's presumptuous and stupid to think the second war won't turn out as badly or worse than the first. And it's never clear why we need to go to war with China anyway. All those Asian countries that share a frontier with China had the same knowledge we did about the buildup and did damn-all to prepare themselves so that means they're not sincere which means there really is no reason for us to fight their wars for them. There's also no real sign that Taiwan would lift a finger to reject re-absorption into one China. And as with Israel, what did Taiwan ever do for us that makes them an ally worth fighting a major war over?

Wednesday, December 13, 2023


A quiet and peaceful place


 I have been following the long trail of ruin and debris that is the Disney Entertainment fiasco but they have finally gone all the way down the drain. The twits running the company really should have told all their militant gay employees to shove it when they insisted on taking on the Governor of Florida and his and his party's decision to end the ongoing distribution of child porn in their elementary school system. It really would have been much better for Disney if they had just pushed them off the top of one of their higher amusement rides because now Florida's auditors have reported about the ongoing criminal enterprise that was the Reedy Creek Improvement District and the people who ran it like a criminal enterprise since it was initially founded.

Have a look and maybe take out third party life insurance on Bob. I suspect he'll have a fatal accident soon and I also suspect everyone involved in running the RCID in either already in or on their way to a country that doesn't have any extradition treaties with the United States.

This isn't going to end well.

Saturday, December 9, 2023


 I just learned that the record of communications from CINCPAC from 7 December 1941 are available online for download and reading. Naturally, I'm reading it. You can find a good copy for download at the American Naval Records Society. This version is much easier to read then the version stashed at the Pacific War Museum where the quality of the recording is sometimes difficult to read. I got to page 167 and found this illuminating appreciation of the situation and it struck me that this was literally a world out of time to anybody who isn't at least 60 years old. We are the last generation in America that knew that all the worlds facts were buried in libraries and vaults and combination safes and if you didn't have the reference material available to hand then you would not begin to know what the other people were referring to. At any rate, this is not the starting point but a good precis. It should embiggen.

It clearly lays out the situation in the next 7 pages. It is literally inconceivable that the clowns running the United States and the US Military could even begin to conduct operations at this level today. They know that the ground is vanishing beneath their feet and they are more focused on stamping out racism and implementing serious abiding racism through DIE measures and the foolishness that appears more and more criminal every time it manifests.

Thursday, December 7, 2023


 I get a kick out of the little thugs in the Shite House now acting just like the grown up thugs running the White House and submitting a letter with demands. They failed to sign their names to it but as you can see from the extract, their cause is just since they're all apparently little palestinians working in our White House.

Is it too much to ask for to have even a handful of American Interns for America to spend some corrupting time working in the Biden White House? Why must it always be foreigners first with these guys?

Why not hire and corrupt some young Americans!


 I know. It is the ritual to remind ourselves of the ignominious attack on our Pacific Fleet and the various Army and Marine posts scattered around Oahu on 7 December 1941. Let us by all means remember those men who were caught altogether unready in all respects for the war that found them that Sunday morning in the last century in the last millennium. They and their commands and country were the unwitting victims of forces that had been placed into action by the ruling elite back in Washington, DC and the elites running things over in Japan and of course the foolish dregs of the formerly mighty European civilization. Those sailors, soldiers, marines and airmen had no idea that the embargoes laid against the Japanese Empire because of its long occupation and destruction of life in China and Korea were going to cost them so much, 'out of the blue' on that fine Sunday morning.

The infamy then was laid on the Empire of Japan for attacking without warning. So be it, that's how the weak attack the mighty. The weak will cast about for any advantage however temporary when contemplating an attack on a more powerful enemy. When you look at the events in hindsight it is easy to see that the United States by behaving in the way it did had indeed made itself an enemy in Japan. I've never really studied what the Japanese really expected to gain from that attack so I don't know what possessed them to launch it even knowing, and they had people that knew, that they were attacking an enormous potential for violence that had shown just hints of what it could do as it conquered a continent and waged war against its own self.

The current days of infamy trouble me far more because they show the collapse of all civilization and learning here in the United States and the rest of the West. The catastrophe that played out in Afghanistan with our own day of infamy where we left 14,000 Americans behind as we madly scrambled out of the country with the help of the Taliban as the government and people of Afghanistan turned on us in an instant is hard to forget but is already forgotten and unknown by 95% of those living in America today.

It's time to move back and motivate the politicians to do the sane things from now on and move to hold them and the bureaucrats accountable. What is happening in Ukraine is damning and everyone involved in sustaining the nightmare belief that somehow Ukraine could or ever could win a war against Russia should be turned over to the Ukrainians post-conflict for trial and sentencing. If that seems to harsh, then turn them over to the Russians. I'm good with either alternative. Consider, NATO allegedly exists to defend all of Western Europe from the Russia that is now, according to the idiots in the press, bogged down in a hopeless war against tiny unarmed little Ukraine. That being the case everyone should be asking themselves what the titanic capabilities of NATO would do to Russia if it decided to go all batshit crazy and attack. By any and all lights, NATO isn't looking too good right now. I certainly wouldn't invest a penny in it.

I see the petty wranglers of nonsense and misrule are arguing about spending another $149,000,000,000 on Ukraine (US Defense Contractors and Democratic Party Stalwarts) because the rethuglicans want to posture about our decades long ongoing border disaster and want some glittery fairy dust to sprinkle on the total inactivity by anybody from Government on our southern border. Sadly, it will end like it always does with the thugs 'compromising' with the democrats to give American Democrat Cronies another $157,000,000,000 in aid packets that we will have to borrow by having the Fed print it since nobody is buying our Treasury Notes anymore and we don't begin to have it laying around.

Things are looking pretty infamous all around these days.

Sunday, December 3, 2023


 Putting warships into a conflict to simply be shot at without reply is the very height of stupidity. The USN has another one of its Destroyers getting shot at by Yemen and once again it is doing absolutely nothing in retaliation or reply. This kind of idiocy invites contempt and the people that live on that Sea have oceans of contempt for the weak and helpless. 

I think back to the very clear Middle East Force Standing Orders from when I was a watchstander out there and the Admiral could not have made his intentions and our response more clear if he stood behind us and shouted in our ear. I guess the fools running Central Command and Naval Forces Central Command and Fifth Fleet just don't think like that anymore. 

How many more times?

Sister Ship USS Cole being sent home from Yemen

Saturday, December 2, 2023


 I'm just going to throw this out there because I think it is a splendid idea and because, I thought of it first.

I think there are a handful of states that if they really got their acts together are in a position to make huge killings off the weak, organized, libtard States and bring tax relief and real satisfaction to their residents. My brilliant idea is that the Smart States™pass state laws that simply mandate that the price of all energy generated within the state but sold outside the state must charge double the instate rate and that all that money flow into the State's general fund to offset up to 100% state income taxes, (in the backward states that still have income taxes) and/or used to pay for all bridge and road maintenance.

I'm sure there's a law dodger out there who will say that this is unconstitutional or some such nonsense but if State Universities can charge double the tuition for 'out-of-state' students at public universities, this should easily be every bit as legal as any other revenue scheme anybody thought of in the last 3000 years.

To maximize the profits for those States still sane enough to permit nuclear power plants and the like, the various State legislatures should also tax the Hell out of the power sold to outside the power-generating states. Just to be fair. States desiring to buy all that power that they used to make themselves but shut down in the name of global warming or some other false gods will also have to pay for 100% of the upkeep and maintenance of the infrastructure needed to send them power.

The Law would have to be firm with absolutely no wriggle room to extend credit, or slash rates to most favored states or any of that nonsense and of course would have to merciless in spelling out that all revenue accruing to the State must be used to offset income taxes or sales taxes or be used to roads and bridges.

My other brilliant idea has to do with voting out the least popular state lawmaker, state bureaucrat and judge every year and either tossing them on a bonfire or seeing if they are actual witches by submitting them to the float test.