Tuesday, December 19, 2023


 One of the ignored facets of wide open borders and endless waves of migrant military age muslim men is that the enemy's entire guerilla force is already deeply embedded in the countries in the West and they can pretty much operate at will and with almost total impunity. There is almost no crime that they can commit that will see them deported from idiotic shitholes like France, Germany, Great Britain or any other country in the EU. Worst of all, they all know it now.

Aligning your country's navy with the defeat of endless islamic pirates in the Bab-el-Mendeb and the Horn of Africa is a total nonstarter for even the dimly self-aware politicians in charge of the West and they realize, somehow, that poking the pirates with a sharp stick will result in immediate retaliatory strikes against their people, their mass transit systems and their infrastructure including the power grid; all of which are completely defenseless against any kind of attack.

It's kind of sad that people don't realize this yet. On the gripping hand, I'm convinced that we're now down to less than 2% of the population being aware of anything at all. You literally see this in the Blue cities now overrun with endless and increasingly violent crime and the response of law and justice system is to do absolutely nothing which begets even more violence and crime and still the system does nothing. It cannot go on.


boron said...

I have a dream.
One day a man will come upon another man raping a girl at dusk on a NYC midtown street; most of the passers-by are afraid to look much less acknowledge her plight - the main actors can be whatever color/ethnicity you wish.
The man asks the rapist to cease his activity whereupon the rapist leaps off the girl and comes at the man with a knife; the man pulls a gun from his pants and uses it to excellent effect - one dead rapist.
Three police officers who were standing nearby idly chatting come over to the shooter, request the weapon of the shooter which is readily relinquished to their care, and arrest the him.
The shooter is brought before a jury of his peers who find him "Not Guilty" and the judge, enraged, declares a mistrial.
The jury and courtroom officers, as one man, rushes upon the judge, bring her through the courtroom doors, and tar and feather her, releasing the prisoner to go about his everyday business.
I can dream; can't I?

HMS Defiant said...

You and me Brother.