Sunday, December 3, 2023


 Putting warships into a conflict to simply be shot at without reply is the very height of stupidity. The USN has another one of its Destroyers getting shot at by Yemen and once again it is doing absolutely nothing in retaliation or reply. This kind of idiocy invites contempt and the people that live on that Sea have oceans of contempt for the weak and helpless. 

I think back to the very clear Middle East Force Standing Orders from when I was a watchstander out there and the Admiral could not have made his intentions and our response more clear if he stood behind us and shouted in our ear. I guess the fools running Central Command and Naval Forces Central Command and Fifth Fleet just don't think like that anymore. 

How many more times?

Sister Ship USS Cole being sent home from Yemen


Anonymous said...

I was serving in the USN when the Cole was hit, and my shipmates & I couldn't believe it. Quite a contrast to our procedures when in a foreign port (carriers did not go to 'risky' ports).
--Tennessee Budd

HMS Defiant said...

I spent a year on the NAVCENT staff in Bahrain in 1996 (when muslims blew up Khobar Towers) and force protection was one of the things I did there. Only a complete idiot would have sent any USN ship to conduct a brief stop for fuel in Aden. It was extremely dangerous and never got any better. I don't think any officer suffered any catastrophic career damage from that imbecilic and stupid stunt.