Wednesday, October 31, 2018


So, I was summoned to the top floor of the Justice building on Monday, here in Metroparkcentralis along with 29 of my fellow voters where we filled out our questionnaires and then filed into the courtroom where the judge informed us of stuff and then asked us each a series of questions based on the information provided in the questionnaires. He reached me, potential juror #29 and from me passed on to the lady sitting next to me.

"I see you're unhappy to be here today," said the Judge.

"No no," she exclaimed. "I have resting bitchy face."

Everybody laughed and the judge laughed and had her repeat it and then said it aloud to ensure that the court reporter got it in the record.

It was a funny moment in a long day.

Monday, October 29, 2018


I'm not sure how to credit an unknown author at slashdot who wrote further on the new code of conduct published by the SQLite creator. The new code of conduct is simply the Rule of Saint Benedict. The question of the mob was if the new CoC was a joke of some kind or a doink to the SJWs. I'm willing to take the man at his word. He looked far and wide for a good code that one can live and work by and rather than invent something new (he already did that) he adopted something very old that has stood the test of time better than just about anything in this world made by man.

by dmb ( 2434720 ) on Monday October 22, 2018 @09:23PM (#57521219)
Actually if you drop out the parts related to the practice of religion its a pretty good code of conduct for software development.
2 Love your neighbor as yourself. [ex test before commit]
3 You are not to kill, [ex crash your customers]
4 not to commit adultery; [ex don't f with your users]
5 you are not to steal [ex respect the software license]
6 nor to covet; [ex don't add a feature just because its in the commercial app you are cloning]
7 you are not to bear false witness. [ex admit it came from source forge]
8 You must honor everyone, [ex conform to the coding standard]
9 and never do to another what you do not want done to yourself. [ex replace tabs/spaces]
11 discipline your body; [ex proper ergonomics[
12 do not pamper yourself, [ex sorry, you only get one 4K monitor]
13 but love fasting. [ex sorry, only a midrange GPU]
14 You must relieve the lot of the poor, [ex contribute to open source]
15 clothe the naked, [ex comment your code]
16 visit the sick, [ex fix your bugs rather than just make them scrum tasks]
17 and bury the dead. [ex remove the dead code]
18 Go to help the troubled [ex when someone is stuck on a bug be their second set of eyes]
19 and console the sorrowing. [ex let the fanboy's PC dual boot]
20 Your way of acting should be different from the world’s way; [ex cross platform is not all the MS windows variations]
22 You are not to act in anger [ex sorry, you can't tell customers to RTFM]*
23 or nurse a grudge. [ex desktop Linux, get over it]
24 Rid your heart of all deceit. [ex stop telling people they will like emacs after a little while]
25 Never give a hollow greeting of peace [ex "why yes my core code will be cross platforms"]
26 or turn away when someone needs your love. [ex Target the Android platform too]
27 Bind yourself to no oath lest it prove false, [ex "I swear I tested all my changes"]
28 but speak the truth with heart and tongue. [ex run the regression test]
29 Do not repay one bad turn with another. [ex recommend perl because someone recommended it to you]
30 Do not injure anyone, but bear injuries patiently. [ex re-run all tests after the merge but before the commit]
31 Love your enemies. [ex Target the Windows platform too]
32 If people curse you, do not curse them back but bless them instead. [ex No flamewars on the dev thread]
33 Endure persecution for the sake of justice. [ex drink the company coffee rather than leave for starbucks when getting behind on things]
34 You must not be proud, [ex fix bugs outside your niche in the codebase]
35 nor be given to wine. [ex just dual boot or run a real emulator]
36 Refrain from too much eating [ex use CPU and RAM responsibly]
37 or sleeping, [ex don't make your code slow so you can use the currently hyped programming language]
38 and from laziness. [ex don't try to apply your favorite programming language to everything]
39 Do not grumble [ex Don't bitch in comments]
40 or speak ill of others. [ex Your preferred operating system is not always the best choice]
43 Be certain that the evil you commit is always your own and yours to acknowledge. [ex commit changes only under your login]
44 Live in fear of judgment day [ex launch day]
45 and have a great horror of hell. [ex developer will have to do customer support immediately after launch]
*RTFM means

I think it is a brilliant summation of the Rule as applied to software development and no doubt similar expansions can be found for just about any work shared by a group. It's also not a bad way to roll on the intertubes when you share time and attention with others.

Other rules certainly applied in different circumstances. As I recall we made no effort to avoid discussing politics and religion and there wasn't much point on the first ship, or the second or the third or the fourth, for discussion of the 3rd topic....... Perhaps the rules have changed.


The utter venality of the Roman Catholic Church really hasn't changed at all over the centuries.

ROME—Pope Francis told a gathering of bishops from around the world that the Catholic Church is being persecuted through accusations—an apparent allusion to clerical sex-abuse scandals that have undermined the credibility of the papacy and church hierarchy over the course of this year. 
Addressing the closing session of a synod of bishops at the Vatican on Saturday, the pope repeated warnings he has made in recent weeks against the “Great Accuser,” or the devil, who “in this moment is accusing us strongly, and this accusation becomes persecution,” and who seeks to “soil the church.” 
“This is the moment to defend our mother” the church, said the pope, in remarks unlikely to mollify critics who say he has failed to recognize the hierarchy’s responsibility for the abuse crisis. “The accuser is attacking our mother through us, and no one touches our mother.”
What the people are demanding Mr. Pope, is that the Church start defending its parishioners and it's youngest and most vulnerable parishioners as it would defend mother Church. You have done a horrible job at this for centuries and your blindness to this is almost biblical in its breadth and depth. When you say "no one touches our mother," we mean for you to make it the rule that none of you touches our children. Ever.

You need to wake up and smell the coffee. It's been on the boil here for decades.

Sunday, October 28, 2018


If you need a humorlift you will enjoy a minute reading about Wendell for Senate. It's an interview with a manatee running for Senate in Florida.

There is an election coming up.  As a devout capitalist I realized that the best way to move these awesome stickers was to write a post detailing the political platform of our eloquent candidate Wendell T. Manatee of the Libertarian Space Cowboy Revolution Party* (as heard about in the Adventures of Tom Stranger, Interdimensional Insurance Agent, available on or in Target Rich Environment).
Aquatic-American, CFO of CorreiaTech, former Ghost of Christmas Future, and decorated veteran of the Deep War, Wendell T. Manatee  is currently running for the senate in Florida. So I sat down with Wendell (well, he was floating in his tank) to interview him about the hot button issues of the day. I did my best to translate his answers from majestic manatee into boring old English.
What do you think about the budget?
Manatees are known for their fiscal responsibility. Cut everything. They are called budget cuts because they are supposed to hurt.  If they didn’t hurt, they would be called budget tickles or something.

Saturday, October 27, 2018


At Power Line.  They are hysterically funny.

Friday, October 26, 2018


If only that idiot just arrested in Florida for the mail bombs had used Hillary's email server or the DNC email servers, the FBI would still be looking at the Russians as the source for the bombs.

yes yes, I know. you can't email pipebombs.


This is pretty funny and I stole it from Time Waster.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018


As I read the news of the day I am often struck about how very very tightly the mainstream media (all broadcast news services including NPR and PRI and almost 95% of published news sources) control what is said about republicans. Their coverage is entirely limited to bad things with never a mention any of the good things. Read a few articles at the news aggregator Drudgereport every day. It will open you to a much wider window on America and the world.

Now that said, what Democrats fail to undertstand is that we accept that your armed thugs are fully supported by all the news services and 100% of all democratic party candidates and office holders. The anti-fa, BLM and occupy-wall-street gangs and the thousands of angry thugs running around chasing our policians and supporters out of restaurants and then down the streeet because that's what the mob does that hates.

The same groups with the same support make it a point to shut down any inputs from the right on all social media.  Twitter, facebook, utube, basically all of them have made it a very important war of words by banning all the intellectuals of the right in just the same way the leftist student mobs and BLM have ruthlessly used every kind of violence to keep any republican speakers off campus. If the faculty fails to cave in (which is very very rare since they support these anti-fa and BLM types 100%) then the mob protests by shrieking during the presentation, storming the stage and taking the microphone, by pulling the fire alarms. They pelt the speakers with rocks and drive them out and off campus.

The thing we also see is that in towns utterly controlled by liberal democratic party mayors and officials is that they order the police to not interfere with this type of activity. They don't just fail to protest it, they won't do anything about it even when it turns ugly.

So what the 49% of the people in America who voted for Trump see is any society where liberal democrats control it that we will be treated just exactly as our leaders are treated until we cave in and become good little socialists like those poor bastards in Venezuela. Or those poor bastards in Cuba. Or those poor bastards in South Vietnam. Or like those poor bastards in the Soviet Socialist Republics or like those, well, you get the picture.

We see democrats as the source of most of the evil in this country but you never hear about us beating up your politicians like you beat up (Rand Paul) or shooting at your Congressmen out playing baseball damned near killing one of them like your thugs did and you never hear of mobs of us chasing democrats of any stripe out of a restuarant or streaming in with megaphones to scream at the patrons who seem unable to do anything about it.

We don't like the society you are creating here.

Just in case you wanted to know.

Sunday, October 21, 2018


This too is one of the trinity. Forgive me, my math instruction was weak.

I read this as a skilled athlete living in Huntsville.

I never forgot it.

Never mind the other posts of video I enjoyed,

The Steel Makes The Man.

Thursday, October 18, 2018


I have a TV on as I read and now, I kid you not, there is a show about a woman sewing and ironing. I thought it was some sort of censor board made up of Hollywood and Washington elites who controlled what was shown on TV back in 1965.

I'm not so sure now. I think they're all dead and it is one of those trained chimpanzees running political campaigns for morons.

Now I get that whole, "hold my beer" thing. I will show it again. There really is a TV show for everyone. Mind you, I don't pay for TV. I just get what they are allowed to transmit over the public's air.

I discovered the other day when the juice ran out of the remote control that one of my TVs does not actually possess any push button, or touch controls. If you suddenly drain your batteries in the remote control there is literally no way to make the TV work.

Does this sound something like the Rand Corp. and the USAF used to pull off on us after WWII? Do we really need to reinvade France or Vietnam?

Encapsulating real America, now and forever. A really futile gesture.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018


One of the things you learn young is water skiing. If you're not up to speed with it, you learn the importance of being above the water when moving through it 55 miles per hour. You might also learn that sometimes it really is time to let go of the rope.

As usual, ask me how I know.


I lived in Alabama. Albeit a part that my mother considered almost normal what with Redstone Arsenal and rocket scientists.

But I liked this.

There are a lot of reasons I’m not a Democrat. For example, I believe that…
1. Jesus, America, and capitalism have been the three greatest forces of good in world history.
2. An attractive woman posing with an AR-15 beats a screaming feminist in a pussy hat 10 times out of 10.
3. You can’t #believeallwomen or #believeallmen; you have to #believetheevidence.
4. It’s wrong and disgusting to harass people in restaurants and at their home just because you disagree with them politically. Also if you block traffic to get attention for your cause, whatever it may be, I am not on your side.
5. Immigration is only good for America under certain conditions. The number of people coming in each year needs to be controlled and reasonable; immigrants should be able to support themselves without getting on the dole and we should heavily emphasize assimilation.
6. You should laugh at the idea of “white guilt.” People should not feel guilty because of their race, sex, or something their ancestors did.
7. Obamacare has driven health care costs through the roof, made premiums much higher, and has hurt the vast majority of middle-class Americans.
8. Looting is wrong. Period. 100 percent of the time. Unless there’s a zombie apocalypse. Is there a zombie apocalypse happening right now? No? Then you are scum if you loot.
9. There are two genders and you can’t change the one you are born with no matter how many surgeries, hormones, and weird pronouns that you apply to yourself. Also, those genders should use different bathrooms and shouldn’t be competing against each other in athletic endeavors.
10. “Climate change” is something that happens naturally and we need decades more of research and scientific advancement before we know how much of a role man is playing and what, if anything, we should do about it.
11. Asking people to show a government ID when they vote is just common sense if you really care about stopping election fraud.
12. America is not a racist country and is probably the best place on earth to live if you are a minority.
13. Refusing to stand for the flag is unpatriotic, disrespectful, and it harms any cause it’s associated with.
14. Wearing black masks, committing vandalism, and jumping people five-on-one like cowards is for losers, fascists, and criminals.
15.  We need to have borders. I believe we need to enforce those borders, preferably with a wall. I believe people who cross those borders illegally are criminals who AT A MINIMUM deserve to be deported.
16. People should be judged individually on their own merits, not because of their race, color, or sexual orientation.
17. We don’t need to protect people from dangerous IDEAS. Instead, we need to make a case for why the ideas are “dangerous” and provide a better alternative.
18. There are no oppressed Americans.
19. Taking guns out of the hands of law-abiding gun owners makes us less safe and putting more guns in the hands of responsible Americans makes us safer.
20. Appropriating the best parts of other cultures is a good thing.
21. Hillary turned out to be the worst presidential candidate of all time and Barack Obama was the worst American president of all time, although Lyndon Johnson and Jimmy Carter were nearly as mediocre.
22. Slavery is the second greatest evil committed by America as a nation behind abortion.
23. There is no such thing as a “patriarchy.” In fact, this is probably the least patriarchal time in all of American history.
24. The South is a great place to live with just as many wonderful people as anywhere else in the country, IF NOT MORE. Except for Alabama. Screw Alabama. Just kidding, Alabama. Don’t let Lynyrd Skynyrd write a song about me.
25. Liberalism, socialism, communism, fascism, and Nazism are all branches of the same rotten tree and will lead to roughly similar bloody and totalitarian outcomes if given enough time and power.

Friday, October 12, 2018


I think every author wants to stay in your head. These are the 3 that remained. Also, Microcosmic God. Odd how the trinity of memory is four but then, perhaps, there is a kickstand and it doesn't count.

The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas

Flowers For Algernon

The Cold Equations


I read Flowers for Algernon in my teens. I was working for the summer on my grandfather's boat. I did not run across the equally memorable Omelas until my sister posted it on her blog. So recently. Both hit the part of memory that, oddly enough, remembers.

I've read works of power that move but I was struck again by the first story tonight. It sometimes still springs out on you. The power of words.


I don't know who she is but the words made me laugh.

yeah, she's probably famous but who cares? I don't know her.

Thursday, October 11, 2018


Mind you, I  don't believe in it but imagine, 3 feet of water rising in Manhattan and 3 on the rise in the Potomac. But of course you don't see that at all. All of those who spout the rising deny it where they live.

They just want you to be scared of it.

Srsly, guys, it's getting old.

And..........I have a boat.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018


General Mattis orders the military to make their jets 80% Fully Mission Capable.

Those of us who worked in the never never wonder when Mattis lost his mind. You don't order mission capable, you pay for it and when you don't you don't get it.


So, come the holloween I'm off to serve as a juror. Over the decades I have put in for many exemptions. They, oddly enough, always used to catch me when I was leaving the country for business. I did answer one call and got the royal treatment in San Diego. I suspect I'm not going to get anything like that from MetroParkCentralis.

So anyway,

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Medals for valor are what sets people apart. If valor, then award. Valor doesn't mean nice guy or citizen of the year. In the Presidential Medal of Freedom it is all about character and has nothing to do with valor or chivalry. In this photo is captured the essence of liberal effete fuck you to ordinary American citizens.


The rickety home built time ship came to rest on a grass field of enormous size. There were scores of other time ships scattered across the grass. As I sat there looking at the expanse I heard a rap on the door and turned to open it and find myself faced with a grinning young woman.

"Welcome to Elysium," she said.

I was bewildered. I had set my time coordinates most carefully to carry me to the moment in time when Jesus was crucified and not to some athletic field of some time inhabited by busty maidens of time referee.

"Where is Gethsemane?" I demanded.

She smiled a smile like that painting by Leonardo in the Louvre and wasn't I just going to check out that next on my plan to survey the complete history of time using my new time machine.

"There is always a backup at the hill and so many time travelers have taken positions to view the past all the way up to 52,000,000 AD that there simply is no referent point that the scene can be witnessed from without imposition of time travel fields and that is simply unacceptable. We are here to keep the late comers from ruining the party. You will not be able to see the crucifiction. We're sorry about that."

I was stunned and determined. I would see it live if it was the last thing I did.

She was suddenly in my face. "I can see the little wheels going around in your head," she said. "You will simply go to an earlier frame of reference and bypass this little inconvenience."

She was right. I was going to do just that as soon as I kicked her out.

"You idiot," she exclaimed, "You think you'll just get there a few days early and set up a camp and wait until the moment and you don't understand, you poor benighted idiot, that people just like you showed up for millenia and decided to do the same thing. For over a thousand years that place has been crawling with idiot time travelers determined to see the moment even if it meant staying there forever. The place is not just crawling with time travelers and their descendants, it is populated by only time travelers and their descendants."

posted to the hazards of time travel.

Monday, October 8, 2018


When you realize that Ferdinand and Isabella drove the last Moors out of Spain on this date in 1492 it is not hard to see the wheels and gears turning in their heads as they wondered what they could do with a 'landed' and heavily armed aristocracy at loose in their new Realm. Pushing Columbus to see what lay to the West was an investment they must have been happy to make since the option was factional fighting until the end of time with their nobles and grandees.

So, Columbus made his way West and found a place he might have called New Spain and went home to report his find and the King and Queen of Spain must have pledged everything save their underwear to underwrite their nobles attempts to seize new lands and fortunes on the far side of the sea.

Ever wonder what would have happened if the King and Queen of Spain had decided to simply pour that 800 years of stored hatred and military supremacy into launching an assault across the Strait of Gibraltar and across north Africa and into plundering Mecca and Isfahan and Qom?

Talk about a different world.


A moment at last as it ought to be, without pedophiles.

Sunday, October 7, 2018


I am not a reader of Breitbart news but not because I disagree with their view of the news. I simply prefer a more balanced approach which basically boils down to I read what I want to read using multiple sources. For any news of the world I usually turn to Instapundit and Drudge+links to places such as the UK Daily Mail. I have found that usually the go-to source for reliable and in depth news coverage of any American story is the Daily Mail where their news people still seem to be under the delusion that news consists primarily of what, when, where, who and usually limits the analysis to the simple presentation of the facts of the story. Oddly, they do less well with their UK coverage where for some reason all perps are described as asian if described at all and all crimes appear to be committed by teens. Needless to say, I don't much follow their local news of UK issues. If I want that kind of entertainment I stick to Nigel Farage.

This John Nolte guy at Breitbart pretty much summed up the state of affairs at the end of the rather wonderful Kavanaugh battle recently played out in Washington DC. This piece defines how the contestants pushed through to a conclusion that I believe will favor America over the long run. Hint: there is absolutely no aspect of socialism that plays out favorably for America over the long run and the left in this country is devoted to mean socialism. They mean it when they say they want a social justice paradise to prevail here and if you don't like it you can moulder in a cold grave in some new American gulag. They really do want us dead.
This was a leftist mob backed by the billions of corporate dollars that flow through CNN, NBC, etc., throwing an innocent man, his wife, and traumatized young daughters into a volcano as a sacrifice to the cause, as a means to appease the hysterics stalking the halls of the Senate screaming, “Witch! WITCH! WIIIIIIITCH!!!!!!!!!”
Democrats and the media were not even interested in convincing us Kavanaugh had done something wrong. Their only goal was to make him so personally toxic, his guilt or innocence no longer mattered. And the only word for that is demonic.
I am not one to lose sleep over politics, and I am certainly not one to admit to such a thing, but this was different — I lost a ton of sleep; I lived with dread, and other than family members, I have never prayed harder for anyone than I did for Judge Kavanaugh: “Please, God, do not forsake this man.”
Here are the winners and losers of the Dreyfus Kavanaugh Affair…
No mistake, this was Dreyfus come to life right before our eyes. And you thought witch trials were a thing of our remote past, right up there with the Kennedys and Judge Bork.


Chris Muir and Day by Day has been out there for years now. He keeps getting better and better.


The sounds of shrieking and caterwauling from the Senate gallery were not quite deafening but to those currently exposed to the near end of a long season of madness and insanity it had a familiar ring to it and then I realized what it was that made it so.


This was an uphill battle in which the only person I expected to hold the line was President Trump. None of the rethuglicans in the Senate have ever impressed me much except for Paul who got up and gave an extemporaneous filibuster on drones that I quite admired. This time though, it all came together and all of them played the roles they were elected to play and did things right. They even gave a grace note to the bipartisan proceedings by allowing that Alaskan RINO to tell over half of her constituents that once again she was bravely caving to the stupidest denominator in politics and let her sit out the vote because she is unable to make up her own mind without evidence.


I sure am.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Friday, October 5, 2018


I begin to despair.

Despite my enormous contribution to genius by organizing all the crickets and cicadas in two counties to go out on strike this past decade, and teaching them to play Handel's Water Music on their own instruments, I was once again slighted by those miserable rotten stinking b@stards at the MacArthur Genius Committee who once again failed to award me my MacArther Genius Prize.


Thursday, October 4, 2018


I was looking at images of the elite new condo for the wealthiest elite in New York City that sticks up with a very distinctive look overlooking Central Park and all the little people and as I scanned through the images I was struck by the amount of damage a single plane loaded with fuel could do to that building in this day of guided missiles made out of airliners and thought about what the world would miss if such an attack happened there. And the only thing that came immediately to mind was the mind-boggling amount of art that would disappear and then a moment later it struck me that most of the 'art' in such a place is bound to be 'modern and post modern art' and decided we really wouldn't miss all that much if the building vanished in a pile of rubble.

Then I thought of Burj al Khaleej in Dubai and had the same thought and laughed at myself. One of the things known to anybody sailing the Persian Gulf, listening to the International Air Distress frequency, is that whenever a United Arab Emirates Air Defense station challenges any flight with a demand to immediately alter course or be fired upon, pilots all up and down the Gulf roger up and change course and advise the calling station that they are altering course. I listened to those conversations for hundreds of hours spent in CIC and always laughed when people later talked about what happened when the Robo-Cruiser warned off a plane before opening fire. "Nobody takes those warnings seriously," they scoffed.

The thing with that though, is that people have to believe deep in their hearts that you really will open fire. Oddly enough, there are an awful lot of people that don't believe in the sanctity of human life.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018


President Trump ordered some modifications to Air Force One for his upcoming trip the UK and Europe.

California legislators object to the increased drag imposed by the minor modifications and demand that the plane meet the established fuel efficiency measures that California legislators imposed on all aircraft worldwide.

When the President was asked about this burning and important issue, his spokeswoman replied that the President offered to visit Sacramento the next time the Californian Supreme Soviet convened and 'discuss' the matter with them.


Saw this at instapundit and agree.
and this at traditionalvibe.

This is the new #METOO. The old version is dead to me now. Those who persist in raving lunacies and make believe can just talk to the hand.

Monday, October 1, 2018


Look at the identical smirks on their evil faces.

and from Stuart Schneiderman at Had Enough Therapy yet,


Questioning Christine Blasey Ford

A Facebook page called Common Sense soapbox throws some doubt and some shade at Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony. Since no one has really asked whether her testimony made any real sense, why not examine this account of the facts, and especially the incoherences and the contradictions.
You have to ask yourself whether our inherent sympathy for an individual who has been harmed is blinding us to the facts. 

Without any commentary, recounted in Ford’s voice:
I don’t know whose house it happened at or even what year it happened. I don’t know if I got there before everyone else or after. I don’t know how I got there or how I got home over 8 miles away (at the age of 15). 

My life time friend doesn’t remember any of this ( and the other 3 people I said were there testified under oath they don’t know anything about this). 

I have a fear of flying , but have no problem jet-setting all over the world while on vacation. I’ve been on airplanes more in the past two months than most people in a year, but my fear is completely legit. 

I don’t know who paid for my hotel and polygraph test( the afternoon of my grandmothers funeral, or maybe it was the next day, who knows). And guess what? I flew there. Oh and that polygraph, it was only two questions, neither of which were about Kavanaugh. But hey, I passed so that’s all that matters. And my PhD in psychology definitely, in no way, helped me with it or my testimony today. 

My friends on the beach encouraged me to continue contacting the media with my story (because we were running out of time). I can’t name them, so we’ll just call them beach friends. Yet while giving such great advice, none were willing to be character witnesses. Meanwhile, Judge Kavanaugh had hundreds of character witnesses step up in a matter of days. 

My lawyers, out of the kindness of their hearts, are helping me for FREE yet I have a “needed” gofundme page that currently is sitting at $473,622. I’m so desperately in need of help there’s even a second gofundme with $209,987. I promise though I’m not getting anything out of my testimony, that money is just going to cover my expenses. 

I’m super smart. I have a PhD and I teach graduate students. I know lots of big words, but it should be totally believable that I don’t understand basic questions. 

I was the only person in the United States that didn’t know Congress agreed to come to me instead of me going to DC. They really do care about my flying phobia after all. 
Get the picture yet, America?
For those of you that want to know about the polygraph, you can see it here:

When judging a case like this the only real basis for giving the allegation any authority is based 100% on the credibility of the accused and the accuser. Just like Peter Strzok, she has zero credibility.