Thursday, October 18, 2018


I have a TV on as I read and now, I kid you not, there is a show about a woman sewing and ironing. I thought it was some sort of censor board made up of Hollywood and Washington elites who controlled what was shown on TV back in 1965.

I'm not so sure now. I think they're all dead and it is one of those trained chimpanzees running political campaigns for morons.

Now I get that whole, "hold my beer" thing. I will show it again. There really is a TV show for everyone. Mind you, I don't pay for TV. I just get what they are allowed to transmit over the public's air.

I discovered the other day when the juice ran out of the remote control that one of my TVs does not actually possess any push button, or touch controls. If you suddenly drain your batteries in the remote control there is literally no way to make the TV work.

Does this sound something like the Rand Corp. and the USAF used to pull off on us after WWII? Do we really need to reinvade France or Vietnam?

Encapsulating real America, now and forever. A really futile gesture.

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