Sunday, October 7, 2018


I am not a reader of Breitbart news but not because I disagree with their view of the news. I simply prefer a more balanced approach which basically boils down to I read what I want to read using multiple sources. For any news of the world I usually turn to Instapundit and Drudge+links to places such as the UK Daily Mail. I have found that usually the go-to source for reliable and in depth news coverage of any American story is the Daily Mail where their news people still seem to be under the delusion that news consists primarily of what, when, where, who and usually limits the analysis to the simple presentation of the facts of the story. Oddly, they do less well with their UK coverage where for some reason all perps are described as asian if described at all and all crimes appear to be committed by teens. Needless to say, I don't much follow their local news of UK issues. If I want that kind of entertainment I stick to Nigel Farage.

This John Nolte guy at Breitbart pretty much summed up the state of affairs at the end of the rather wonderful Kavanaugh battle recently played out in Washington DC. This piece defines how the contestants pushed through to a conclusion that I believe will favor America over the long run. Hint: there is absolutely no aspect of socialism that plays out favorably for America over the long run and the left in this country is devoted to mean socialism. They mean it when they say they want a social justice paradise to prevail here and if you don't like it you can moulder in a cold grave in some new American gulag. They really do want us dead.
This was a leftist mob backed by the billions of corporate dollars that flow through CNN, NBC, etc., throwing an innocent man, his wife, and traumatized young daughters into a volcano as a sacrifice to the cause, as a means to appease the hysterics stalking the halls of the Senate screaming, “Witch! WITCH! WIIIIIIITCH!!!!!!!!!”
Democrats and the media were not even interested in convincing us Kavanaugh had done something wrong. Their only goal was to make him so personally toxic, his guilt or innocence no longer mattered. And the only word for that is demonic.
I am not one to lose sleep over politics, and I am certainly not one to admit to such a thing, but this was different — I lost a ton of sleep; I lived with dread, and other than family members, I have never prayed harder for anyone than I did for Judge Kavanaugh: “Please, God, do not forsake this man.”
Here are the winners and losers of the Dreyfus Kavanaugh Affair…
No mistake, this was Dreyfus come to life right before our eyes. And you thought witch trials were a thing of our remote past, right up there with the Kennedys and Judge Bork.

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