Wednesday, October 10, 2018


General Mattis orders the military to make their jets 80% Fully Mission Capable.

Those of us who worked in the never never wonder when Mattis lost his mind. You don't order mission capable, you pay for it and when you don't you don't get it.


capt fast said...

an immediate concern is are commanders going to open War Ready Material stocks to achieve the goal? If so, then what?

HMS Defiant said...

been there done that. Mobility is overrated.

Larry said...

It could (eventually) be done if 'Mad Dog' Mattis is still 'Mad Dog' and has the support of Congress. Of course, it WILL fail in the near term. That (in an ideal world) should then be used to provoke some serious changes. Starting with immediately retiring 50% of flag rank officers, a smaller percentage of captains, then reassigning all of their support staff to combat or combat-support functions, to include sea duty for the Navy.

Yeah, I know it's a pipe dream, but one can dream, can't they? There's a whole lot of nonsense that with Congressional backing could be shit-canned and /nobody/ would notice except those whose rice-bowls are broken. Sign me up for the smashing committee!

HMS Defiant said...

My dad, a retired army general, asked me why I didn't do that thing. I pointed out that the Navy drafted me for 5 more years of service after I retired and then drafted me to go to Oahu and work my ass off for two more weeks because I was the SME. He said I could go and serve in Iraq as a country team leader and I had to point out that, hey, the very last thing young LT Whalen wanted was some old fart telling him how to do business at the pointy end. By and large I still believe that any 03 is going to get the job done and needs just about zero input from an 06.
I was blessed to know a hundred like minded sailors.
I still remember the conversation with the Vancouver, CAN pilot when we observed one of my electricians climbing up the mast to get 100% of the up and over lights to work. He observed that after a certain age, one could not find people that stupid. You can con the young into practically anything.
At that point in the story he told me to just run over the green peace jackasses in the zodiac between my ship and the pier. I was pretty sure my navy contract forbade just running down and drowning green peace, however much they deserved it. It turns out shouting provacative threats at them worked just fine.