Wednesday, October 24, 2018


As I read the news of the day I am often struck about how very very tightly the mainstream media (all broadcast news services including NPR and PRI and almost 95% of published news sources) control what is said about republicans. Their coverage is entirely limited to bad things with never a mention any of the good things. Read a few articles at the news aggregator Drudgereport every day. It will open you to a much wider window on America and the world.

Now that said, what Democrats fail to undertstand is that we accept that your armed thugs are fully supported by all the news services and 100% of all democratic party candidates and office holders. The anti-fa, BLM and occupy-wall-street gangs and the thousands of angry thugs running around chasing our policians and supporters out of restaurants and then down the streeet because that's what the mob does that hates.

The same groups with the same support make it a point to shut down any inputs from the right on all social media.  Twitter, facebook, utube, basically all of them have made it a very important war of words by banning all the intellectuals of the right in just the same way the leftist student mobs and BLM have ruthlessly used every kind of violence to keep any republican speakers off campus. If the faculty fails to cave in (which is very very rare since they support these anti-fa and BLM types 100%) then the mob protests by shrieking during the presentation, storming the stage and taking the microphone, by pulling the fire alarms. They pelt the speakers with rocks and drive them out and off campus.

The thing we also see is that in towns utterly controlled by liberal democratic party mayors and officials is that they order the police to not interfere with this type of activity. They don't just fail to protest it, they won't do anything about it even when it turns ugly.

So what the 49% of the people in America who voted for Trump see is any society where liberal democrats control it that we will be treated just exactly as our leaders are treated until we cave in and become good little socialists like those poor bastards in Venezuela. Or those poor bastards in Cuba. Or those poor bastards in South Vietnam. Or like those poor bastards in the Soviet Socialist Republics or like those, well, you get the picture.

We see democrats as the source of most of the evil in this country but you never hear about us beating up your politicians like you beat up (Rand Paul) or shooting at your Congressmen out playing baseball damned near killing one of them like your thugs did and you never hear of mobs of us chasing democrats of any stripe out of a restuarant or streaming in with megaphones to scream at the patrons who seem unable to do anything about it.

We don't like the society you are creating here.

Just in case you wanted to know.

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