Wednesday, October 10, 2018


So, come the holloween I'm off to serve as a juror. Over the decades I have put in for many exemptions. They, oddly enough, always used to catch me when I was leaving the country for business. I did answer one call and got the royal treatment in San Diego. I suspect I'm not going to get anything like that from MetroParkCentralis.

So anyway,


Anne Bonney said...

:) That is always fun.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy jury duty. You will meet some of the dumbest folks in the US. Also, you will meet bleeding hearts and communists in the jury room.

Thank you for actually going instead of coming up with a reason to avoid it. America needs more businessmen and men who have actually worked tough problems out and who are able to understand the law and how to compare it to the Constitution instead of rolling over to what the judge or the lawyers push.


HMS Defiant said...

It used to be like clockwork in Emeryville. Every single time I had orders in hand, plane tickets and a mission in the middle east or Korea I would get a jury summons in the mail. I think the people in NOLA kept the jury summoners informed of my status changes. I was in Bahrain for a year and the court sent me a letter telling me that I could not exempt myself from jury duty simply because I was 8000 miles away. That's another one of those conversations with the far side of the planet where they think you really are hiding out somewhere in California. I finally asked them what it would take to convince them I was a naval officer serving at naval forces central command in bahrain. This is the problem with cell phones. In the old days, one had to dial the country code blah blah. Now, they just work everywhere. damn them.