Wednesday, October 3, 2018


President Trump ordered some modifications to Air Force One for his upcoming trip the UK and Europe.

California legislators object to the increased drag imposed by the minor modifications and demand that the plane meet the established fuel efficiency measures that California legislators imposed on all aircraft worldwide.

When the President was asked about this burning and important issue, his spokeswoman replied that the President offered to visit Sacramento the next time the Californian Supreme Soviet convened and 'discuss' the matter with them.


capt fast said...

california legislators all have awards from the MacArthur Genius Committee for creative skullduggery under duress of time constraints. could make a tv game show out of that....
see what you are missing out on?

HMS Defiant said...

If it was a tv game show designed and executed by Japanese tv show types I'd be all for it because then we'd see the legislators biting the heads off live chickens, eating worms, slopping neck deep through 200 feet of raw sewage and then standing in a puddle of high octane gasoline and asked to light a cigarette for the win and the prize.