Monday, November 30, 2020


One of the truly awful things we get to look forward to in the opening week or two of any Biden days as President will be the immediate termination (firing) of all current U.S. Attorneys. I'm talking wholesale slaughter, immediate dismissal and guards escorting them out of their offices and sending them home after a complete pat-down and search of their personal effects and to be certain nothing gets out of the bag they'll seize all personal computers, PDAs, electronic files, etc as they kick them out the door.

We'll go back to the days of the criminals running the asylum again and it will happen overnight and the press will let it go without a peep. Deep State fully back in place and you can tell that simply by looking at the names being pushed forward as new incumbent Cabinet Secretaries and primary advisors and the ooze drooling out of the news services will be one of unending praise for the Biden and his administration. It's going to look almost exactly like the sort of press people like Stalin, Mao, Castro, and Obama got.

It's going to be truly awful.

And another thing to think about. The dupe hasn't even seized the crown and already his best buddies are turning on him and maneuvering to get whossname into place as President without delay following the departure of President Trump, even his own dog. The last week of January is going to be delightful....sort of like those parties put on Roman Emperors and Robespierre and the Committee for Public Safety.

Thursday, November 26, 2020


Im watcing a glamorous lass sing in the Scotland hill courtesy of my better half but thing thing running through my head as she sang in a lovely voice was how we let deportment fall away and vanish in the last traces of the garbage. We used to teach our girls, if not our sons, to have beautiful voices. What genetics sometimes failed to do, we could still shape it and while sons can be/are lound noxious obtuse we used to have a deportment class for young ladies. Oh God, can you see anyone trying that now? I was a young lad of the times. It really was another century almost as far away as 1919. This is the world that I grew up in. It's probably not like yours.

Monday, November 23, 2020


I've been meaning to do this for about 18 years.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020


From the daily mail.

They very much want to shove your youths into a war they won't fight. But a group of countries led by the Netherlands as well as the European Parliament wanted an even stronger link and have said they would not approve the budget without it. 'Denying the whole of Europe crisis funding in the worst crisis since decades is irresponsible,' Manfred Weber, who heads the biggest group in the European Parliament said on Twitter.
What can I say? I like the imbecility of that moron. Worst crisis since decades. One wonders what will happen next in Europe.


Two men, both alike in one way. They are dying in hospital. They want to go home. They really really really want to go home. Death will capture them in days but they really want to be at home. I don't see them. The one visitor a day stupid rules in effect mean that only the ones get to see them as they near the end of life and prep for the next life.

I'm off to see my parents in this the time of dying. We will share Thanksgiving and it may mean patio dining outside their window but see my parents, we will. We will feast with my sister and her family on the day and stay with them but, one cannot help but think, if it doesn't end well and someone gets carried off by the flu of new.

A knife is too kind for Fauci. He needs to be buried face down in shit.

It's the flu dammit.


So the woke are seeing parler and and me we as the jewels in the new crown of rethuglicans who don't tweet or facebook and castigating them for being unwoke. As one who neither tweets, cares about tweets or facebooks I guess the new wave of soon to be left wing web tools are going to be ignored, like the rest of them. Srsly, Rule #2 applies here.

Robert Conquest’s Three Laws of Politics

1. Everyone is conservative about what he knows best.

2. Any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing.

3. The simplest way to explain the behavior of any bureaucratic organization is to assume that it is controlled by a cabal of its enemies.

Parler is already woke and me we will follow as night follows day. Taki's is about the last place that remains unwoke along with Steyn.


You know there is a whole segment of population that gets down and dirty with the great unwashed and I haven't heard that their rates of infection top that of school teachers who don't teach or public servants who don't appear in public.

So what kind of covid are the police coming down with as they deal with the unmannerly fire toting utes and the rest of the villainy? Could almost ask the same thing about nurses and doctors and orderlies but why waste a few nice words on that lot. I mean really, what have they done for you, lately?

Tuesday, November 17, 2020


It's interesting to read about how 300,000 New York denizens have left New York City since the start of the year. That's a lot of people, a lot of empty apartments and offices and a huge hole in the city's tax revenues that only get worse as the lockouts kill the restaurant industry and mean that almost no money will enter the city's coffers from the ridiculous hotel tax, entertainment tax, dead broadway non-shows, and the whole litany of disasters that is befalling Gotham. Coudn't happen to a nicer city.

I've lived in he former great cities of America. I lived, for a time at 20 mile road North Detroit back when it was rapidly decivilizing and turning into a wasteland. I live now in environs of what was once America's fifth largest city, now a bright spot amidst the flyover staters because it still retains its orchestra, opera, ballet, vast library and library network and is still, in many respects great even though the population is less than half of what it was at its height. It's probably safe to say that the old population has been entirely displaced. What used to be neighborhoods stuffed with Europeans, eastern Europeans, Jews, etc, isn't anymore. It has the usual vast metropark population makeup one finds in Chicago, Detroit, Cincinatti, etc.

I'm curious to see how NYC turns out as it seems to have slammed the door on its citizens and industry and now even the NYSE is talking about relocating to some other place and I don't really see the office workers returning again to Manhattan particularly as Blasio seems to believe it is his job to reign over nothing but scum and villainy and kowtows to them at every opportunity.

I like to read history and I always used to wonder how so many of the great cities in the past were abandoned by their inhabitants. You can look to the Mayan collapse or the collapse of Ur and other great cities in the Tigris Euphrates region and of course there are the ruins of great places in Greece and Egypt that took centuries to reappear.

It won't be the rising waters that diminish and degrade the great coastal cities, it will be the realization that they are traps where only the soulless live surrounded by deep unending poverty and where society has defaulted to the lowest common denominator and it will not ever get better. It will be interesting to see what the mayhem of major muslim population gains in western Europe do to their great cities. They already have schools now mostly filled with young/new muslims and the old population, much like the old population of former metroparkcentralis is quickly changing to a new form that is disinclined to treat the past as anything but a shabby robe and treat it just like they treated their own cities like Beirut, Damascus, Bagdhad, Tikrit, Mosul and all the rest of the ruins.

Monday, November 16, 2020


I have a few years of experience there on the rock bound coast best desribed by the authors of Mash but the last year threw me for a loop. We drove down a tiny coastal road from our lighthouse of first resort and it turned into a miles long odyssey of million dollar polite little houses with tiny clevices down to a no-doubt rock bound patch of sand.
One of the houses had been consumed by fire. It was not the kind of thing one expected and no doubt it alarmed the 2 or 3 houses nearby and I wondered, how did the pump truck of the tiny town make its way down the narrow road to the appocalypse and no doubt was followed in its wake by the handful of pump trucks from the neighboring towns which, in Maine, on the Peninsula, are kind of few and far between.

sic transit gloria mundi


We are coming around again to the Guard Wars. It used to be that one was too old or too young to have served in the combat wars of the time but with a democrat administration those days will come again. President Trump started no wars during his time in office. We will see how many wars the democrats find necessary to fix the idea that Biden is war-in-chiefdom. I'm guessing africa but he may decide on taking a LARP on the middle east.

Keep in mind who got us into most of the wars in our history.


I read your threat to your incoming students. You can see it below.

If it isn't too much trouble, could you require a mandatory course of study before any student registers for classes in the following?
a. No rap music objectifying all women as hoes.

b. No rap music that includes objectionable words like nigga or nigger.

c. An absolute requirement that all students dress like students at a major university and not like ghetto thugs with hoodies so we, the actual students, can differentiate on sight the thugs/rapists/so-called knock out game thugs from our actual black student brethren?

Just, you know, in the spirit of campus inclusivity, diversity and staying alive till we graduate in 2005?


I wonder that we have not gone this route yet with the enemies of civilization. Our governments have taken the opportunity, somewhat relentlessly, to search out and destroy the enemies of civilization and yet civilization seems underwhelmed by the opportunities offered to defend itself from the likes of antifa and blm and student activists so stuffed with hate they spray spittle when they talk and waddle when they walk. Why not renew our SAD options which we have mostly left on the table since the Vietnam unpleasantness?

We know the names of the antifa scumbags that keep getting arrested, arraigned and let go by the various organs of criminal injustice. With the name comes the home address. Why does nobody introduce their homes to the flames antifa and blm so willingly share with the rest of us?

I realize that few of them have a job but why are the ones that do remain untroubled by an extensive yet unorganized campaign to have them fired immediately for being scumbags and enemies of civilization?There is no reason I know of to refrain from sharing your disdain for the likes of venders that would tolerate lawbreakers and violent criminals working on their staff. From my perspective people who jam into a sit down restaurant with a megaphone and start heckling the diners and shouting that they're racist should be suspended upside down in a sewer for the rest of their lives.

Any number of them are college adjuncts or professors of one stripe or another and certainly most of the ones who draft their manifestos are such, so why not deplatform them or burn down their offices?

I used to joke about the large round tables in the various Chinese restaurants we go to in our patch and point out that all of them were filled with old men (really old men) and I'd suggest to my dinner companions that they were all chatting about the good ole days when they were campaigning with Mao's 8th Route Army. OTOH, they were more likely to be from the Kuomingtang Armies who made it out to the West before the final onslought. Wouldn't you like to be able to look back at that age and share with your surviving comrades the days of derring do when you took on the enemies of civilization?

Most of those rioting antifas have cars and bikes and wouldn't it be nice to demonstrate the mass effect or the keen edge that a match and rag can have on such?

Sunday, November 15, 2020


Big Brother at Twit HQ has been carefully contesting most of President Trumps tweets but they seem to have slipped up here. It's most unlike them since they always seem to swoop whenever they see him making points with the electorate and insist on their right to gainsay any facts they disagree with. You can see where they leaped in to assure us of a fact they disregard and then you see that they left unanswered the statements about Biden being an utter scumbag who steals cancer dollars from researchers and claims that the money is being used on cancer research. You can also see that they don't dispute the fact that their antifa street thugs beat up a man and stole his phone as he was leaving a Trump rally. Kind of odd that, don't you think? Here is the President on Biden's next outrageous scam:

Wednesday, November 11, 2020


Ripped off from Steven Green
It was the same story in every deep Red or Deep Blue state, regardless of size.

The only states that couldn’t seem to count their ballots on time, the only states where the allegedly dead rise to vote, the only states where turnout in places apparently exceeded the number of registered voters, the only states reported by whistleblowers for ignoring their own laws on accepting mail-in ballots, the only states that keep finding substantial numbers of new ballots, the only states with reports of substantial numbers of destroyed or lost ballots, the only states where we see reports of thousands upon thousands of ballots that are marked only for Joe Biden and no other candidates in any other race…

…all of these things are happening only in states where the outcome was ever in doubt.

And — oh, yeah, this last bit seems germane — all these antics seem to be happening only in Democrat-run cities in these swing states.

Insanity Wrap believes this all adds up to prima facie evidence of fraud, if not outright proof.
We need some national laws spelling out how legal, fair and honest elections must be run in all states and localities in the United States of America and we need to enforce them all with lengthy jail terms for people who try to steal elections by fraudulent voting and rigged voting processes.


Monday, November 9, 2020


I see that the Nemesis of Whiney Liberal Dipshits has conducted further investigation into election-2020-the-more-fuckery-update" fraud conspiracy and massive crime wave that swept American voting precincts in the Presidential election. It's worth a read.

Before I get into the flag update, I want to talk about the big picture situation as I see it, because there’s reality and then there’s the narrative getting crammed down everyone’s throat. We’ve now reached the point where whenever you open your mouth you’re going to get jumped on by a bunch of Caring Liberals that you’re stupid, insane, and imagined the whole thing. How dare you suggest that there could possibly be any impropriety in this new voting system we just crammed into place this year for the first time. It is the Great National Gas Lighting. The chosen lefty narrative is that voter fraud never happens, and when it does happen, it’s insignificant and changes nothing, the totally unbiased news media and big tech have called it for Biden, and you’re just crying and irrational because you’re a stupid Trumpkin, so let the healing begin.
Don’t fall for it. These are the same people who barked Not My President Trump’s whole term, even though we’ve got more evidence of voter fraud in four days than they found of Russian collusion in four years. However lots of people will be cowed and go along with this even though they know its bullshit, because social pressure is incredibly powerful and bullies wield it like a club. Every post I’ve made on Facebook about this subject has drawn random strangers to show up and scream that I’m an ignorant sucker conspiracy theorist.
Most of their “fact checks” and “debunking” just boil down to excuses. Like I saw one for the Dominion vote fuckery that moved 6k votes from Trump to 6k votes for Biden in ONE county. And the fact check headline was FALSE. But when you actually read it, it says they weren’t “stolen” it was an “error”. (except nobody actually knows that yet) Or the dead people voting in Detroit headline being FALSE, but when you click on it, their excuse isn’t that these dead people voted, it’s that we’re supposed to trust that the system totally would have caught that and thrown them out. Except they didn’t catch it, regular people on the internet tracked those down. So when were they going to check this, after Biden’s inauguration?
A note on the dead people voting and regular people tracking it down because our professional news media is oddly incurious about all these flags. I watched this unfold live on Thursday night. People would post a file of names of 100 year olds in Michigan, and then other people would check the state website to see if they had turned in ballots. Whenever somebody found one they would post that name so that other people could confirm it for themselves. They found hundreds just while I watched. But at the same time Twitter kept actively banning the accounts of anyone who shared the file, because the fix is in. Trust the system, comrades. Big Tech knows what’s best for you.
Keep in mind that just because there is fuckery afoot, be careful because there’s loads of bad information floating around. Lots of people asked me about the supposed leaked DHS press release. My gut reaction when I saw it was suspicion (I’ve worked with too many federal agencies and that simply didn’t read like their stuff) so I called some friends who still work there and it sounded like wishful thinking to them too.

You’ve probably also seen a lot of mention of Benford’s Law over the last few days. Posts talking about it have been getting vanished off of Facebook (that I can confirm firsthand).
Basically, when numbers are aggregated normally, they follow a distribution curve. When numbers are fabricated, they don’t. When human beings create what they think of as “random” numbers, they’re not. This is an auditing tool for things like looking for fabricated invoices. It also applies to elections. A normal election follows the expected curve. If you look at a 3rd world dictatorship’s election numbers, it looks like a spike or a saw.
There’s a bunch of different people out there running the numbers for themselves and posting the results so you can check their math. It appears that checking various places around the country Donald Trump’s votes follow the curve. The 3rd party candidates follow the curve. Down ballot races follow the curve. Hell, even Joe Biden’s votes follow the curve for MOST of the country. But then when you look at places like Pittsburgh the graph looks like something that would have made Hugo Chavez blush.
It’s amazing how all these extremely improbable statistical events just keep on happening, but only in the places where they make the most difference. Go figure. “It’s a miracle!” declared the Party of Science.
One extremely dishonest tactic democrats are using to dismiss this stuff, when we talk about specific incidents of fraud, they declare it statistically insignificant. But when we talk about the big picture of overall mathematical oddities, they switch and say but that doesn’t provide specific examples. They motte and bailey between the two, when in reality they’re the same thing. It’s all the individual examples of fuckery that lead up to the big weirdness.
Since my last post there’s been so many flags popping up that I can’t keep up. I’m not a reporter, this isn’t my job. The reporters with their staff of researchers are all too busy trying to convince America that the Electoral College has been replaced by Jack Dorsey and Anderson Cooper.
There have been more USPS whistleblowers coming forward that they were ordered to illegally back date late ballots. The one I shared the video of last time is now identified as a real person.
In Nevada the GOP is pushing for criminal charges against people who voted who don’t legally live there, and I just saw a report about a Clark county whistleblower coming forward but that’s still developing.
In Wisconsin it appears that poll workers were directed to illegally alter thousands of absentee ballots.
In Pennsylvania, Supreme court justices tend to not like it when people straight up ignore their rulings.
There was a report the other night that declared the military absentee ballots for Pittsburgh broke 80-20 in favor of Biden. This was gleefully shared by some NeverTrumpers and it immediately set off my bullshit detector (I was a military contract accountant for years, and after that I was the bestselling author in Baghdad, so I know a couple vets!). The obnoxiously left wing Military Times did a poll earlier this year where they surveyed a thousand military personnel and they proudly said that Biden was ahead by something like three points (which every active duty guy I know laughed at), but even if the Military Times was far better at accurate sampling than Nate Silver and the entire US polling industry (hint, they’re not) 80 fucking 20?
So I delved into this on FB (I’ve kind of been on a tear on there) and had a pile of vets and active duty show up help, but as far as we could find the report said it was absentee ballots, with the military among them. So this one gets a big question mark for now because we don’t know the break down (but the whole county was only 59/40).
Amusingly I had one lefty immediately declare the 80-20 to be plausible because of Trump’s supposed “Losers and Suckers” comment from Anonymous DOD Official. (remember when Anonymous Senior Trump Official You All Heard Of was revealed to be some junior assistant deputy director nobody ever heard of? Good times). Even after being told by a ton of retired and active duty that none of them believe that, let alone 80% of them, he still libsplained to them that statistical anomalies routinely fall like rain upon Joe Biden. (And we’ve got Joe Biden on tape talking about how PTSD Marines will murder you and your dog and then rape your corpse, but the media didn’t fixate on that for some baffling reason)
The left keeps declaring that everybody who is finding this clusterfuck to be suspicious must be a Trumpkin blinded by their salty tears of sadness. Yet I’ve noticed most of my honest liberal friends have been suspiciously quiet on this subject. And clearly not everybody who is calling bullshit on this is a Trump supporter. For some fascinating reading, check out Tariq Nasheed’s Twitter feed.
If you know anything about politics, Tariq Nasheed is the last person anybody could accuse of being a Trump fan. He despises Trump. But he’s also pointing out that there’s no fucking way that the black community turned out more for Biden more than Obama and he’s worried that the black community is being used by white liberals as a shield, and if this blows up in their faces, white liberals will blame it on blacks to take the fall. Now the things that me and Tariq Nasheed could agree on could probably be counted on the fingers of one hand, but my gut tells me that he’s spot on this time.
Honestly I have no idea how this is going to shake out, but it is clear that the media and big tech will set the narrative and just gas light Republicans that there was no impropriety and we just imagined it all. I don’t think Trump will fold. I figure he will litigate this as far as possible, and just off the stuff the general populace like us can see, he’s got plenty of ammo for lawsuits.
So the real question is how chickenshit are the Republicans? And you can never go wrong assuming that most elected Republicans are invertebrates. One of my senators is Mitt Romney and he’s nothing but hair gel in a Ziplock bag. I’ve met jelly fish with more spine. When Romney lost his run for the presidency, Barack Obama got a statistically impossible 14,000 votes in a row out of Philly, and Romney didn’t do shit.
Trump will certainly litigate and there will certainly be evidence presented of impropriety. But we all know the media is so dishonest that they’ll just ignore reality and write a compelling narrative of Orangeman Dictator to isolate the Trump loyalists and pressure everyone else to fall in line. Now how many will, I have zero idea.
Even if Trump conceded today the election process has been irreparably tainted. Even the people pretending this process is sainted and innocent know they are full of shit, but they are going to keep up the polite lie, because they are cool with fraud as long as it benefits their interests. And the people who got robbed have little hope that the system will ever represent them again, because no matter how many votes they have on their side, what’s the point if some blue metroplex can middle of the night fabricate however many votes needed to counter them?
I believe most people on the right already believed that fraud happens in these machine cities, because duh. But I think most of us also believed that our votes still mattered because we could win by beating the margin of lawyer. But after this audacious fuckery? If they can pull off this level of blatant, clumsy, in your face bullshit and get away with it, no amount of regular votes will ever matter again. Even if we overcome Big Tech and the media controlling most information and get more people on our side, they’ll just stop the count when we are too far ahead and make more votes appear until they win. Then the media and Big Tech will declare nothing weird happened. Shut up.
So I can’t say how this is going to go, but none of the ends from this point will be good. At best this marriage goes back to an abusive relationship with irreconcilable differences, and at worst it ends in a murder suicide.

I'm more than a little tired of everybody in the media saying there is no sign of fraud, it is too small to be significant, no harm, no foul and Sit Down and Shut Up! Even the Wall Street Journal editorial pages are now filled with such meaningless BS and suggesting that everybody just calm down and let them have this stolen election. Those with eyes to see know that if they get this fraud done and Biden over the finish line that will be the last fair election in the United States of America and it is all downhill from there until the Revolution.

Sunday, November 8, 2020


Unexpectedly, President Trump will be disappeared in January and every bit as much of an unperson as anybody disappeared by Stalin and the KGB. It really is 1984 again.

Left will make all 'mis and disinformation' a crime punishable by law and exhile. The scum are already gearing up to rule every means of social, networked and broadcast media. Watching Fox go down the sewer is not an unexpected disappointment since they've been heading that way since Rupert Murdoch's sons took over.
"President Donald Trump will lose Twitter privileges he enjoys as a world leader when President-Elect Joe Biden takes office on January 20th, 2021. Twitter confirmed that Trump’s @realDonaldTrump account will be subject to the same rules as any other user — including bans on inciting violence and posting false information about voting or the coronavirus pandemic.
Twitter applies special policies to world leaders and some other officials, leaving rule-breaking content online if there’s “a clear public interest value to keeping the tweet on the service.” The public interest policy was formalized in 2019, codifying a rule that had been informally enforced for some time.
“Twitter’s approach to world leaders, candidates, and public officials is based on the principle that people should be able to choose to see what their leaders are saying with clear context. This means that we may apply warnings and labels, and limit engagement to certain tweets. This policy framework applies to current world leaders and candidates for office, and not private citizens when they no longer hold these positions,” a Twitter spokesperson confirms to The Verge.
Unlike his predecessor Barack Obama, also an active Twitter user, Trump has repeatedly tested the platform’s boundaries with untrue or inflammatory tweets. Twitter has restricted Trump posts like a May threat that “when the looting starts, the shooting starts,” which violated rules against glorifying violence, or a tweet attacking ballot dropboxes. But it’s kept them on the platform.
Twitter and Facebook have posted warning labels on many Trump posts since election night, following baseless allegations of fraud and false claims about how voting works. Trump’s most recent tweet reads, inaccurately, “I WON THIS ELECTION, BY A LOT!!!”

It's time to shift to other platforms and leave the ones devoted to socialism and showing Stalinists how to shut down the speech of others to the ones that like that sort of thing.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020


I walked down the street to see which of my neighbors had the nerve to put out 5 Trump signs on his yard across the street from the polling place and those are the only signs for Trump in a 30 block radius. As it happens I bumped into someone I know walking back up the street from voting and she agreed to walk over to see who was so lost to tyranny that they dared the wrath of the woke and put out Trump signs.

My neighbor, for that is who I was walking with, was a bit upset. She said, "What your birds are trying to tell you is that it’s Democracy that must be preserved at all costs, not Capitalism. Government must be by the people and for the people or it is tyranny."

Turns out she didn't find my pinko birds at all amusing. My rebuttal was a little too close to the bone for her so she probably won't talk to me for a couple of weeks or so.

Is it not a tyranny when a government orders all of its 'citizens' to stay at home and not go out on pain of being arrested by the police and dragged down to jail and locked up?

Is it not a tryanny when some unelected official of the STATE orders you to close your business for 8 or 9 months until 70% of them have gone out of business and won't ever reopen?

Is it not a tyranny when the STATE orders your church to close and forbids it to hold services?

Is it not a tyranny when the STATE forbids you your right to peaceably assemble and petition your government?

One might almost think you're right and Trump is running a tyranny except, by and large, he did none of those things.

Taking away the citizen's rights because some bureaucrat has some profound reason for doing so doesn't make it any less a tyranny. I didn't vote for any of those people and neither did anyone else.

Your analogy to Typhoid Mary is a good one, for me. The STATE didn't lock up all the people to keep them safe, they locked up Mary.

When you're willing to give up Democracy to preserve it, you've lost it and the people who find your willingness to sacrifice democracy on the alter of some fake science and fear of a contagion slightly more dangerous than the flu is not a price we're willing to pay.


We live across the street from our polling place. My pinko birds are doing their bit.

Monday, November 2, 2020


look about when you go riot after the polls close and make sure your leaders are still with you. It is not uncommon for the cadre to work their followers and disciples into a frenzy and to unleash them in an orgy of violence, arson and looting, but skip the inevitable day of reckoning when they know that the King is taking off the gloves and means to start using extra-judicial means of retaliating and protecting the citizens from the likes of you.
All those crimes you have gotten away with up until now without punishment will change overnight into life and death crimes. You will be shocked at the difference a day makes.

You don't want to be like this guy. Standing front and center alone against law and order who have really been looking forward to busting heads but held on a leash a little too long. Think about it, they get attacked, open fire, kill you like flies and they automatically get put on administrative duties and no longer have to face the anarchists, arsonists, and wannabe killers of cops in the mean streets of large downtown democratically owned and operated cities.


A Greek navy minesweeper, Kallisto, was sliced in two by a merchant ship outside Piraeus.

The enormous damage, Greek TV reported, is due in part to the construction materials of the warship. It is made of reinforced plastic and fibreglass, which makes it vulnerable to impact.

Kallisto‘s fibreglass hull was built by Vosper Thornycroft in the early 1980s (then called HMS Berkeley) before being moved to Greece between 2000 and 2001.

When built in the 1980s, Kallisto was one of the largest warships ever built with a fibreglass hull. Mine countermeasures ships are typically built with non-metallic hulls, in part to help reduce their vulnerability to magnetic mines. This also reduces their acoustic signature, which, in turn, makes them less likely to trigger acoustic mines.

The exact cause of the accident remains unclear, but local media reports described the freighter “passing over” the mine Greek Navy minehunter as the latter was leaving port.

Two people on the warship, carrying a total of 27 people, were slightly injured in the collision and were taken to hospital as a precaution according to Greek TV.

The cargo ship Maersk Launceston has been banned from sailing until the damage is repaired.

An article from gcaptain@

As built it was one of the last of the Hunt Class Minecountermeasure ships of the Royal Navy.

It is, an unusual testament to the design and construction and to the ship's crew that even after getting cut in half, it continued to float.


Millions of Americans who voted early are suddenly realizing that their hatred of Trump has led them to vote for a terribly demented man with no talent or mind and worse, that they just voted a complete whore into the Oval Office. A women who used sex and flattery to get where she is today at the pinnacle of power in the democratic party and at the feet of her new masters, Soros, Dorsey and the rest of the sleezy billionaires that now own and run the democratic party for themselves.