Tuesday, November 3, 2020


I walked down the street to see which of my neighbors had the nerve to put out 5 Trump signs on his yard across the street from the polling place and those are the only signs for Trump in a 30 block radius. As it happens I bumped into someone I know walking back up the street from voting and she agreed to walk over to see who was so lost to tyranny that they dared the wrath of the woke and put out Trump signs.

My neighbor, for that is who I was walking with, was a bit upset. She said, "What your birds are trying to tell you is that it’s Democracy that must be preserved at all costs, not Capitalism. Government must be by the people and for the people or it is tyranny."

Turns out she didn't find my pinko birds at all amusing. My rebuttal was a little too close to the bone for her so she probably won't talk to me for a couple of weeks or so.

Is it not a tyranny when a government orders all of its 'citizens' to stay at home and not go out on pain of being arrested by the police and dragged down to jail and locked up?

Is it not a tryanny when some unelected official of the STATE orders you to close your business for 8 or 9 months until 70% of them have gone out of business and won't ever reopen?

Is it not a tyranny when the STATE orders your church to close and forbids it to hold services?

Is it not a tyranny when the STATE forbids you your right to peaceably assemble and petition your government?

One might almost think you're right and Trump is running a tyranny except, by and large, he did none of those things.

Taking away the citizen's rights because some bureaucrat has some profound reason for doing so doesn't make it any less a tyranny. I didn't vote for any of those people and neither did anyone else.

Your analogy to Typhoid Mary is a good one, for me. The STATE didn't lock up all the people to keep them safe, they locked up Mary.

When you're willing to give up Democracy to preserve it, you've lost it and the people who find your willingness to sacrifice democracy on the alter of some fake science and fear of a contagion slightly more dangerous than the flu is not a price we're willing to pay.


boron said...

I think that the biggest difference is that in prior elections there were more veterans voting; people who were willing to shed their blood for our country: versus the number of people who are presently living on the dole; people who are feeding at the troughs of government beneficence.

virgil xenophon said...

The "Covid" Coup.

------Angelo Codevilla The American Mind

HMS Defiant said...

I think earlier elections also had a substantial number of HONEST reporters who would get to the bottom of allegations that votes were rigged and elections stolen.

HMS Defiant said...

Yep. vote by mail. what a scam and waste of a Republic.