Monday, November 2, 2020


look about when you go riot after the polls close and make sure your leaders are still with you. It is not uncommon for the cadre to work their followers and disciples into a frenzy and to unleash them in an orgy of violence, arson and looting, but skip the inevitable day of reckoning when they know that the King is taking off the gloves and means to start using extra-judicial means of retaliating and protecting the citizens from the likes of you.
All those crimes you have gotten away with up until now without punishment will change overnight into life and death crimes. You will be shocked at the difference a day makes.

You don't want to be like this guy. Standing front and center alone against law and order who have really been looking forward to busting heads but held on a leash a little too long. Think about it, they get attacked, open fire, kill you like flies and they automatically get put on administrative duties and no longer have to face the anarchists, arsonists, and wannabe killers of cops in the mean streets of large downtown democratically owned and operated cities.

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