Wednesday, November 18, 2020


Two men, both alike in one way. They are dying in hospital. They want to go home. They really really really want to go home. Death will capture them in days but they really want to be at home. I don't see them. The one visitor a day stupid rules in effect mean that only the ones get to see them as they near the end of life and prep for the next life.

I'm off to see my parents in this the time of dying. We will share Thanksgiving and it may mean patio dining outside their window but see my parents, we will. We will feast with my sister and her family on the day and stay with them but, one cannot help but think, if it doesn't end well and someone gets carried off by the flu of new.

A knife is too kind for Fauci. He needs to be buried face down in shit.

It's the flu dammit.


capt fast said...

no. a simple blade is too easy for him. the best for him is to be drowned in a ripe cesspit while being stabbed in the back by several angry clowns using Marine fighting knives.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

Fauci is a fool, who only cares how much attention he gets from the media. He should be thrown to the otters.

Brig said...

I find it unfathomable that so few are willing to stand up for their constitutional rights.

HMS Defiant said...

I agree.
They are not so much constitutional as they are inalienable rights. Only God can take them away. States are doing their best effort to steal them but, some of us won't let them.