Monday, November 16, 2020


I wonder that we have not gone this route yet with the enemies of civilization. Our governments have taken the opportunity, somewhat relentlessly, to search out and destroy the enemies of civilization and yet civilization seems underwhelmed by the opportunities offered to defend itself from the likes of antifa and blm and student activists so stuffed with hate they spray spittle when they talk and waddle when they walk. Why not renew our SAD options which we have mostly left on the table since the Vietnam unpleasantness?

We know the names of the antifa scumbags that keep getting arrested, arraigned and let go by the various organs of criminal injustice. With the name comes the home address. Why does nobody introduce their homes to the flames antifa and blm so willingly share with the rest of us?

I realize that few of them have a job but why are the ones that do remain untroubled by an extensive yet unorganized campaign to have them fired immediately for being scumbags and enemies of civilization?There is no reason I know of to refrain from sharing your disdain for the likes of venders that would tolerate lawbreakers and violent criminals working on their staff. From my perspective people who jam into a sit down restaurant with a megaphone and start heckling the diners and shouting that they're racist should be suspended upside down in a sewer for the rest of their lives.

Any number of them are college adjuncts or professors of one stripe or another and certainly most of the ones who draft their manifestos are such, so why not deplatform them or burn down their offices?

I used to joke about the large round tables in the various Chinese restaurants we go to in our patch and point out that all of them were filled with old men (really old men) and I'd suggest to my dinner companions that they were all chatting about the good ole days when they were campaigning with Mao's 8th Route Army. OTOH, they were more likely to be from the Kuomingtang Armies who made it out to the West before the final onslought. Wouldn't you like to be able to look back at that age and share with your surviving comrades the days of derring do when you took on the enemies of civilization?

Most of those rioting antifas have cars and bikes and wouldn't it be nice to demonstrate the mass effect or the keen edge that a match and rag can have on such?


boron said...

because a lot of them live with their mommies‽

MSG Grumpy said...

I saw one blurb that said the number one profession identified among all of the protestors/Rioters/mob members was:
Public school teachers
And we all know that the only Public school teachers that can be fired quickly
are those who dare Pray for peace in their classrooms.

MSG Grumpy