Monday, November 30, 2020


One of the truly awful things we get to look forward to in the opening week or two of any Biden days as President will be the immediate termination (firing) of all current U.S. Attorneys. I'm talking wholesale slaughter, immediate dismissal and guards escorting them out of their offices and sending them home after a complete pat-down and search of their personal effects and to be certain nothing gets out of the bag they'll seize all personal computers, PDAs, electronic files, etc as they kick them out the door.

We'll go back to the days of the criminals running the asylum again and it will happen overnight and the press will let it go without a peep. Deep State fully back in place and you can tell that simply by looking at the names being pushed forward as new incumbent Cabinet Secretaries and primary advisors and the ooze drooling out of the news services will be one of unending praise for the Biden and his administration. It's going to look almost exactly like the sort of press people like Stalin, Mao, Castro, and Obama got.

It's going to be truly awful.

And another thing to think about. The dupe hasn't even seized the crown and already his best buddies are turning on him and maneuvering to get whossname into place as President without delay following the departure of President Trump, even his own dog. The last week of January is going to be delightful....sort of like those parties put on Roman Emperors and Robespierre and the Committee for Public Safety.

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