Friday, April 30, 2021


I have actually been writing this whole week but the words were dark and angry and I prefer a life without too much anger. I'm OK with the dark and always have been except for a few months in San Diego about 14 years ago when I completely lost feeling in my feet and thus my balance for about a year. For me, to stand up in the dark was to fall over. I actually arranged some of the softer couches and other furniture to break my fall. Neuropathy sucks. Anyway, there has been writing on many topics ranging from the trial of the century in Minneapolis burning to whatever the news du jour was. All fairly describing events but not with any particular polish.

Institutional or 'structural' racism is a construct of feeble minds. We really need to start rooting it out and heckling the living Hell out of its proponents. They don't like that but screw 'em. They need to civilized, educated and told to sit down and shut up.

We still take the Sunday New York Times because we're masochists and like the puzzles. We often toss the rest of it without reading it at all which is still a strange thing for me to do. I used to get up Sunday mornings, hit the bookstore across the street and then spend a few hours swilling coffee, breakfast and the NYTs in full at the Stratford in Del Mar. I did that for years in a peaceful glade surrounded by bamboo trees on a deck in the sun where for the price of one cup of coffee (endless) and breakfast one could read undisturbed by the ocean for hours. That's why it's sad to see how far downhill the old grey lady as wandered. She's so far into the wilderness of madness and self-deceipt that it's no longer even remotely amusing. This from Project Veritas. Just listen to the first 3 minutes where he shows the Times announcing they were completely and totally ignorant 45 times in their response to his court filings and the judges orders.

My vision is new and improved in a number of ways thanks to the cataract removal. My doctors were correct when they said fixing one eye to 20/20 while leaving the other eye uncorrected since almost no cataract means that they both have to be near in synch like twin engines pulling together at the same speed or there's problems. I have to change the usual focal distance I've grown familiar with for the last 45 years or so to account for distant vision in one eye, corrected with a contact in the other eye or read with one eye up close and no lens. This leads to low grade headaches as I work out what it is going to take to do what I like best. I kind of miss, a little bit, being able to read without glasses but can still achieve that effect if I keep the good eye out of reading mode. This is where the headaches come in. My brain doesn't like it. I tell it it's going to have to learn, adapt, overcome. We'll see.

I think I'll brush off some of the things that ired me and put them online over the weekend. The day was kind of lost to one thing or another. To be honest, up late, up early to assist the plumber who got here roughly 5 minutes before we lost electrical power for blocks in all directions. This entailed a trip to the office while somebody attended to business and I read in the car and then off to a bloody exchange at the library. It worked out this time. Last month the Red Cross called and texted me 17 times to ensure I'd be there at the library to give blood and then shut down the whole thing without telling me that leaving me to find a dark and empty library because somebody had covid 21. It's funny how it no longer takes medical training or diagnostic tools to determine if anybody has the virus. Oh well, got it done and came home in the rain.

Sunday, April 25, 2021


I saw an item in the news that intrigued me and made me laugh. Here it is:
The $211,175.94 bill stems from a rally held in 2019 by Trump’s reelection campaign in the nearby city of Rio Rancho. According to the Albuquerque Journal, Trump stayed overnight in Albuquerque while in the area for the Sept. 16 rally, forcing the city to shut down city hall and other parts of downtown.

The city later invoiced Trump’s campaign for the extra police coverage, road barricades and for the paid leave given to city employees whose workdays were cut short on both Sept. 16 and Sept. 17, 2019, the newspaper reported.

Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller recently discussed the city’s attempts to collect the payment on "The Daily Show."

"In my mind, he owes us a lot more because there was about a day and a half where we couldn’t even function as a city," Keller, a Democrat, said during the appearance.

Keller said "no phone calls had been returned," so the city hired a collection agency.

"He should be getting these annoying voicemails that, like, we get usually from scam companies where it’s like, ‘You owe debts,'" Keller told "The Daily Show." "I mean, I think Mar-a-Lago is now getting those calls."

What I find amusing is that a so-called mayor and city leader shut down public services for a couple of days so President Trump could spend the night in his shitty. I don't know why they felt that was necessary but surely if he thinks he has a right to go after monies he thinks are owed for shutting down his city hall don't all the businesses in his city have the same right to go after the city in court for all the money they lost out on due to the deliberate democratic sabotage of all businesses because they ordered them closed in all the blue states in fear of a virus slightly more dangerous than the flu and what's more, a virus that will roam this planet now forever so how did they think shutting down for a couple of weeks spared anybody even after they extended their shutdowns by more than a year?

It's also funny that he thinks the campaign has to pay for his idiocy. I don't know about the other presidential candidates but the Secret Service protects the President and some others and they usually pay for what they require.

Do dipshits like him make BLM and antifaggots pay for shutting down local business when they riot and destroy people's businesses as the police stand around watching and doing nothing?

Thursday, April 22, 2021


You have to hand it to the Europeans. Nobody does sycophancy quite the way the pathetic dregs of european aristocracy do every day as they gad about for the EU and the IOC and other passing fancies that drip privilege and disdain. On the other hand, few can dish out disdain better than the dregs of the Ottomans. As we will see in the next bit here, there is one pathetic outfit that gives the Ottomans a run for disdain. As we see, Turkey provided a throne for each of the males but were content to leave whossname standing around.

The Disdain Runner-up! Politico. NOTE the correction at the bottom.

Not every political outfit that bravely fronts for the Party of Slavery can misspell a head-of-state's name. Leave that kind of disdain and contempt to the Professionals!!!


Speaking of out of control mobs, crowd control methods I'm leaning towards these days. You know just who is capable of this sort of violence of course. Firing on unsuspecting unwilling participants is a Democrat approach since the Battle of Fort Sumter.


No? Me neither.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Friday, April 16, 2021


I was reading instandit and he had a link to a story about famous backstabber Liz Cheney who peddled the lies that the White House and President Trump were ignoring Russian threats to our troops. The entire bogus story was a complete fabrication by the liars in the media who will believe anything bad about Trump. Her attack looked like this:
This called to mind the Spartans response to the ruler of Macedonia.
The only answer to dignify Cheney's stupid gullible faith in lying media stars would be, IF.


Now is when you really put into effect real situational awareness. There is nothing out there at the mall worth your life and you'd be well advised to stay out of and steer clear of all urban areas until the court renders judgement. I don't know how long it will take for the jury to reach a decision or for it to be announced but one of the jurors must have understoond that Floyd killed himself by ingesting fentanyl and may have the moral courage to stand up and say so. To paraphrase a quote that Andrew Jackson never said, it takes just one moral person to set the world on fire. At this point the hideous evil drones in anti-fa and blm don't even need an excuse to kill and burn.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021


I came along in the winter of 1961, arriving in the Bundesrepublik like a thunderbolt at the very height of the Cold War and the communist effort designed to unite the world in common misery. I am older now and yet I won that Cold War. Not saying I had no helpers, just sayin....We won. See the fruits of our victory after a very long and bitter war and weep for what our Republics have stumbled over and lost in the the Peace as our youth embrace communism and vile mediocrity.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021


Does anybody else think the Babylon Bee is being a bit prescient?


Biden and the democrats in the Pentagon have decided to announce that the United States will withdraw the last of our troops sometime in September, 3 months after the deadline reached by negotiation with the Taliban and government of that failed region of misery, as negotiated by President Trump last year. That almost forces the taliban to action and if I know terrorists as well as I think I do, that means that they will celebrate the end of American occupation with the biggest bangs they can contrive, especially in the months after the negotiated withdrawal date. We will have now the same sorrows our families knew in the days after the end of World War I had been negotiated with a set end of the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918. I feel great sympathy for everyone who dies in that miserable hell on earth between now and the latest end to foreign born warriors dying there.

It doesn't help any that the insane leadership here has decided to revoke every single security measure that had any meaningful deterrence to terrorist acts here in the United States. I wonder what they'll target first..... I'm thinking the transportation network is most vulnerable but so is the power grid and so is every school building in this country. It's like they never heard of Breslan.

Monday, April 12, 2021


A rethuglican Congressman is accused of all manner of things beyond his control by rabid poltroons who scream that any demand that voters produce a real ID is nothing but slavery! Everyone, they scream, knows that blacks are too stupid to get a real ID despite it being an absolute requirement to get a bank account, get on an airplane, enter a federal building, etc. Yet, somehow all mankind is required to get a real ID and verify the age of any girl that says she's willing. This in an age when the less enlightened girls are all doing their very best to look older and the really scary ones are doing their best to look younger.

As this monstrous non-crime is going on the press meanwhile ignores the judge that found the Michigan Secretary of State broke the law when arbitrarily changing the rules set by the state legislature for voting. In other words, in a different outcome, the media who would be screaming in agony if anybody failed to note the hanging chad, remains silent. There's a theme here.

Two different idiots of neopallor decide that they must resist the cops and fight to the death for some reason or other. One gets his wish and dies at the hand of a cop who in other circumstances, say arresting anybody but a young black male, would have seen a simple arrest and probably an immediate return to the streets but both chose death in that event and the other saw an officer who really is too damned stupid for our Armed Forces resist getting out of his car even causing the police to draw on him. He really is some one the military can spare to go on to better rewards like licking gasoline nozzles at the local Marathon station.

The angry morons are getting angrier as yet once again they demand that the police gentle the morons into going along with the simplest commands. I don't know why they don't insist on some serious training for their kids to simply comply with the police especially when they riled the police up enough to cause them to draw firearms. Maybe instead of all that bullshit critical race theory in which NOBODY is allowed to criticize the obvious suspects, they spend a hundred hours going through endless scenario driven training where they learn exactly what to do when confronted by the police.

In Michigan with an explosion of new virus cases the only thing the CDC can think to do is order everyone in the state to stay in jail forever. One has to wonder when the people will simply start shooting the people that keep thinking they have the power to condemn citizens to home arrest without trial or even any accusations of a crime. The evidence is a relentless tide that strongly favors the idea of spending a lot more time out in the sun and what about all the phrophylactic measures people elsewhere indulge in to ward off the evil almost entirely harmless virus? Extra Vitamin D, maybe some of those things Trump talked about and just why exactly is it so fucking impossible to get any studies putting these measures to the test in a scientific environment?

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Thursday, April 8, 2021


It seems our woke friends at United are hellbent to kill you all. They have a cunning plan to end racism and they don't care about the consequences. The drawback to being a racist asshole lies in the facts that really do matter. Here is a fact.

Over the next decade United will train 5,000 pilots who will be guaranteed a job with United, after they complete the requirements of the Aviate program – and our plan is for half of them to be women and people of color

Saturday, April 3, 2021


In an interesting and thoroughly bi-partisan manner for which he is both notorious and infamous, famous republican squish number 1, John Boehner, former Speaker of the House who was sickened to death by the people who elected a republican majority of 63 seats in the House of Representatives, took to Politico to fire off a spread of Parthian torpedoes the way squishes like him do after they look back on a disaster and find nobody to blame for complete and utter failure but the far right wing losers who were overwhelmingly sent to Congress to implement some honest to God real republican and conservative measures even if they went straight up Obama's nose and gave him a headache on their way to being vetoed by the moron that didn't have to veto legislation coming from the Republican owned House and Senate because worthless scumbag squishes like Boehner and Ryan after him never found the courage to act on super-majorities they enjoyed and threw away. I think Buck would be proud of that sentence. Just the length of the damned thing, mind you. We sort of competed for longest possible sentence in a blog post.

The level of dishonesty and failure to see the real underlying nature of his anger and defeat was probably the most surprising thing I read in the Politico broadside. Boehner simply attacks everyone he disagreed with in his own Party and disdained, shunned and then defenstrated them when they got uppity and tried to vote him out of the leadership.
Many Republicans were ready for a new House of Representatives Chairman following the 2014 mid-term elections. EMC Research reported 60% of participants in their telephone survey wanted a new chairman.[61] In the end there were a total of 25 votes against Boehner, 29 were needed in order to choose a new speaker. Boehner responded by removing those who opposed him from influential committees.[62]
. His disdain for his peers was unmatched until the next squishy rethuglican came along and accomplished nothing at all. We basically had two worthless cogs of the old machine both decide "to retire" rather than continue on as the most powerful elected office in Congress and 2nd in line to succession to the Presidency, a post that Nancy Pelosi, a shark in human form, enjoys and moreover a shark that never once in all her decades in politics ever tried to achieve a single bi-partisan accomplishment. Why the rethuglicans keep thinking it's necessary is beyond me. In that respect, Newt was the last real politician the rethuglicans produced. God only knows what they are now.

Those interested in how far the republican party fell can read it in Politico for the nasty details. I'd recommend it. One should really learn as much as possible about the enemy and in this case the enemy is self-revealed as the man the rethuglican party thought would best lead them into battle against Obama and the increasingly communist/socialist democrats.
At some point after the 2008 election, something changed with my friend Roger Ailes. I once met him in New York during the Obama years to plead with him to put a leash on some of the crazies he was putting on the air. It was making my job trying to accomplish anything conservative that much harder. I didn’t expect this meeting to change anything, but I still thought it was bullshit, and I wanted Roger to know it.

When I put it to him like that, he didn’t have much to say. But he did go on and on about the terrorist attack on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, which he thought was part of a grand conspiracy that led back to Hillary Clinton. Then he outlined elaborate plots by which George Soros and the Clintons and Obama (and whoever else came to mind) were trying to destroy him.

“They’re monitoring me,” he assured me about the Obama White House. He told me he had a “safe room” built so he couldn’t be spied on. His mansion was being protected by combat-ready security personnel, he said. There was a lot of conspiratorial talk. It was like he’d been reading whacked-out spy novels all weekend.

And it was clear that he believed all of this crazy stuff. I walked out of that meeting in a daze. I just didn’t believe the entire federal government was so terrified of Roger Ailes that they’d break about a dozen laws to bring him down. I thought I could get him to control the crazies, and instead I found myself talking to the president of the club. One of us was crazy. Maybe it was me.

I have no idea what the relationship between Ailes and Murdoch was like, or if Ailes ever would go off on these paranoid tangents during meetings with his boss. But Murdoch must have thought Ailes was good for business, because he kept him in his job for years.
What this idiot refuses to accept along with reality is the simple fact that Obama's Deep State people and the FBI and other organs of hte government with a license to spy on Americans WAS monitoring people like Ailes and Trump and others and anybody familiar with the facts of American history knew that. Simply look at the copious files the FBI had from its spying on Martin Luther King, Jr. It happened and it is always happening 24/7 as Snowden revealed before heading to the USSR.

Thursday, April 1, 2021


Well, this is what all the fuss is about. I'm not sure exactly why beyond the idiotic left's idea that this sort of thing will be required within the United States in order to go about our daily lives. I've had one of these since shortly after I was born. The one here is not the last one but the one before it. As you can see, as with all government and international government type documents it is competely worthless except to make the various bureaucrats at the frontiers happy. The last one is in my medical record somewhere around here. I can always tell it when I see that happy white folder because it was in my bag when I traveled home after a month in Portugal and one of the 12 bottles of Port smashed during transit staining it a nice pinkish damp shade. That record had all the shots I had in my life entered into it after early 1996. One was needed to enter the kingdom back then and I had a lot of business in the kingdom.

As you can see, these are impossible to forge or update at home with a pen and these have been around since at least early 1960 and are just as valid for their purpose as the International Drivers License is accepted everywhere in the world and you can get one for $10.00 at any AAA office. Who can beat the cachet of the World Health Organization?