Wednesday, April 14, 2021


I came along in the winter of 1961, arriving in the Bundesrepublik like a thunderbolt at the very height of the Cold War and the communist effort designed to unite the world in common misery. I am older now and yet I won that Cold War. Not saying I had no helpers, just sayin....We won. See the fruits of our victory after a very long and bitter war and weep for what our Republics have stumbled over and lost in the the Peace as our youth embrace communism and vile mediocrity.


  1. Gee, I thought I won that skirmish with the Evil Empire,
    Oh well, I guess I had help as well...
    One note on our "progress" as a nation...
    We Won (with a capital "W") Wars from 1776 all the way until halfway through the Twentieth Century, then in the 50's, 60's, and 70's we started playing with the idea of "fighting nice" and managed to fight two wars that we are still paying for. We had a slight return to sanity in the Eighties that set the stage for a Win at the beginning of the 90's.
    Now we have decided to do something that makes our old "Fighting nice" strategy look brilliant in comparison...
    Our new and improved national strategy?
    Win the war Loose the peace.
    I was there in 02 and 03 in Trashcanistan, We won the war.
    Even the local population liked us, the bad guys feared us and the American people supported us.
    Then we actively Lost all of that and more.
    Thanks to our Abusive Public Servants we are now in the process of loosing our Military, our country and our society.

    MSG Grumpy

  2. 359 Billionaires in China.....And here I thought Communism was all about each being equal.

  3. Chilling. And yet our country remains tied up with inane responses to issues that are, at heart, inconsequential, and we do not feel the winds of change that are gathering force outside our borders.

  4. @MSG Grumpy & Anne Bonney/

    Sadly all too true--both.