Monday, April 12, 2021


A rethuglican Congressman is accused of all manner of things beyond his control by rabid poltroons who scream that any demand that voters produce a real ID is nothing but slavery! Everyone, they scream, knows that blacks are too stupid to get a real ID despite it being an absolute requirement to get a bank account, get on an airplane, enter a federal building, etc. Yet, somehow all mankind is required to get a real ID and verify the age of any girl that says she's willing. This in an age when the less enlightened girls are all doing their very best to look older and the really scary ones are doing their best to look younger.

As this monstrous non-crime is going on the press meanwhile ignores the judge that found the Michigan Secretary of State broke the law when arbitrarily changing the rules set by the state legislature for voting. In other words, in a different outcome, the media who would be screaming in agony if anybody failed to note the hanging chad, remains silent. There's a theme here.

Two different idiots of neopallor decide that they must resist the cops and fight to the death for some reason or other. One gets his wish and dies at the hand of a cop who in other circumstances, say arresting anybody but a young black male, would have seen a simple arrest and probably an immediate return to the streets but both chose death in that event and the other saw an officer who really is too damned stupid for our Armed Forces resist getting out of his car even causing the police to draw on him. He really is some one the military can spare to go on to better rewards like licking gasoline nozzles at the local Marathon station.

The angry morons are getting angrier as yet once again they demand that the police gentle the morons into going along with the simplest commands. I don't know why they don't insist on some serious training for their kids to simply comply with the police especially when they riled the police up enough to cause them to draw firearms. Maybe instead of all that bullshit critical race theory in which NOBODY is allowed to criticize the obvious suspects, they spend a hundred hours going through endless scenario driven training where they learn exactly what to do when confronted by the police.

In Michigan with an explosion of new virus cases the only thing the CDC can think to do is order everyone in the state to stay in jail forever. One has to wonder when the people will simply start shooting the people that keep thinking they have the power to condemn citizens to home arrest without trial or even any accusations of a crime. The evidence is a relentless tide that strongly favors the idea of spending a lot more time out in the sun and what about all the phrophylactic measures people elsewhere indulge in to ward off the evil almost entirely harmless virus? Extra Vitamin D, maybe some of those things Trump talked about and just why exactly is it so fucking impossible to get any studies putting these measures to the test in a scientific environment?

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