Friday, April 30, 2021


I have actually been writing this whole week but the words were dark and angry and I prefer a life without too much anger. I'm OK with the dark and always have been except for a few months in San Diego about 14 years ago when I completely lost feeling in my feet and thus my balance for about a year. For me, to stand up in the dark was to fall over. I actually arranged some of the softer couches and other furniture to break my fall. Neuropathy sucks. Anyway, there has been writing on many topics ranging from the trial of the century in Minneapolis burning to whatever the news du jour was. All fairly describing events but not with any particular polish.

Institutional or 'structural' racism is a construct of feeble minds. We really need to start rooting it out and heckling the living Hell out of its proponents. They don't like that but screw 'em. They need to civilized, educated and told to sit down and shut up.

We still take the Sunday New York Times because we're masochists and like the puzzles. We often toss the rest of it without reading it at all which is still a strange thing for me to do. I used to get up Sunday mornings, hit the bookstore across the street and then spend a few hours swilling coffee, breakfast and the NYTs in full at the Stratford in Del Mar. I did that for years in a peaceful glade surrounded by bamboo trees on a deck in the sun where for the price of one cup of coffee (endless) and breakfast one could read undisturbed by the ocean for hours. That's why it's sad to see how far downhill the old grey lady as wandered. She's so far into the wilderness of madness and self-deceipt that it's no longer even remotely amusing. This from Project Veritas. Just listen to the first 3 minutes where he shows the Times announcing they were completely and totally ignorant 45 times in their response to his court filings and the judges orders.

My vision is new and improved in a number of ways thanks to the cataract removal. My doctors were correct when they said fixing one eye to 20/20 while leaving the other eye uncorrected since almost no cataract means that they both have to be near in synch like twin engines pulling together at the same speed or there's problems. I have to change the usual focal distance I've grown familiar with for the last 45 years or so to account for distant vision in one eye, corrected with a contact in the other eye or read with one eye up close and no lens. This leads to low grade headaches as I work out what it is going to take to do what I like best. I kind of miss, a little bit, being able to read without glasses but can still achieve that effect if I keep the good eye out of reading mode. This is where the headaches come in. My brain doesn't like it. I tell it it's going to have to learn, adapt, overcome. We'll see.

I think I'll brush off some of the things that ired me and put them online over the weekend. The day was kind of lost to one thing or another. To be honest, up late, up early to assist the plumber who got here roughly 5 minutes before we lost electrical power for blocks in all directions. This entailed a trip to the office while somebody attended to business and I read in the car and then off to a bloody exchange at the library. It worked out this time. Last month the Red Cross called and texted me 17 times to ensure I'd be there at the library to give blood and then shut down the whole thing without telling me that leaving me to find a dark and empty library because somebody had covid 21. It's funny how it no longer takes medical training or diagnostic tools to determine if anybody has the virus. Oh well, got it done and came home in the rain.


The Old Man said...

Had cataracts done in both eyes two weeks apart. Spent the next 6 weeks doing something I'd not been able to do since I was almost 5 years old - see well without wearing glasses. There's hope, amigo, I went from tri/bifocals at around 20/240 to about 20/30 single script. You're right - training the grey matter is the hardest part.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

I hope your eyesight quickly adjusts back in synch!

HMS Defiant said...

I've got them on the run! I find it odd still to push the computer away in order to read it clearly but, yeah, this is amazing.

HMS Defiant said...

Synched. Thank you.