Thursday, April 22, 2021


You have to hand it to the Europeans. Nobody does sycophancy quite the way the pathetic dregs of european aristocracy do every day as they gad about for the EU and the IOC and other passing fancies that drip privilege and disdain. On the other hand, few can dish out disdain better than the dregs of the Ottomans. As we will see in the next bit here, there is one pathetic outfit that gives the Ottomans a run for disdain. As we see, Turkey provided a throne for each of the males but were content to leave whossname standing around.

The Disdain Runner-up! Politico. NOTE the correction at the bottom.

Not every political outfit that bravely fronts for the Party of Slavery can misspell a head-of-state's name. Leave that kind of disdain and contempt to the Professionals!!!

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