Thursday, April 22, 2021


No? Me neither.

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Bobo the Hobo said...

Here’s the thing that has always bugged me about this case: Elián’s mother and her then alleged common-law husband (boyfriend) grabbed the kid and made a run for freedom. Mom and boyfriend died along the way but Elián survived and was picked up by Donato Dalrymple a fisherman and others and reluctantly turned over to the Coast Guard who then took him to Miami for medical care.

As much as I despise saying it, then Attorney General Janet Reno was correct - legally, Elián should have been shipped back to his father in Cuba but he became a cause célèbre (and an obnoxious one at that) in Miami. The subsequent brouhaha played out internationally with the grand finale resulting in the Pulitzer Prize photo of Dalrymple holding Elián standing just inside a closet while confronted by federal agents.

Under the “wet foot-dry foot” policy, Elián González should have immediately been returned to Cuba but he became an unfortunate pawn Bill Clinton’s administration used against Castro. Leave it to a Democrat to screw the pooch like always.