Friday, October 5, 2018


I begin to despair.

Despite my enormous contribution to genius by organizing all the crickets and cicadas in two counties to go out on strike this past decade, and teaching them to play Handel's Water Music on their own instruments, I was once again slighted by those miserable rotten stinking b@stards at the MacArthur Genius Committee who once again failed to award me my MacArther Genius Prize.



capt fast said...

well, screw em'. knowing more than them is very satisfying.
looka here! i am looking at china's long term goal set of becoming the resident superpower west of hawaii. sub-goal is to get the US out of korea. what better way than norks and sorks sign a peace treaty! the chinese can force that deal any time they want, they have more officers under arms then the norks have troops. shoot, the assholes are already digging up the billion or so land mines in the dmz already! We leave cause peace breaks out and china has us off the asian side of the continent. Goal! next step is a little tougher. Japan. the chinese have not and will never forgive japan for what the sob's did to china.
what if the chinese cut a deal with putin and take over the northern most island groups Kurils. what do the chinese have that putin wants? he's a greedy little git that always wants a bigger boat. what if the chinese offered to return the Kurils to the japanese for the removal of all US troops from all japanese possessions. what would we say? No? yeah right. would they do that? once the koreas were at peace and no longer a threat? once the chinese signed a non-aggression treaty with japan? the nips would elect some democrats and it would be a done deal! the US would then be pushed out of asia to a line from the aleutians to guam. how inconvenient. then they could stir the pot some more in southwest asia and south east asia. wonderful.
MacArthur Genius Committee is a bunch of assholes, don't sweat them. they don't know a good thing when they see it.

HMS Defiant said...

I'm taking the long view. Simply on the basis of their almost complete failure to procreate there soon won't be a Japanese problem. They'll have not bred themselves right out of existance. C'est domage.
I also don't much care about Asia to be honest. It's not worth the life or blood of a single American and it would be despicable to attempt to guarantee the continued ongoing sovereignty of the remaining tigers in Asia. However, I don't think the Chinese plan to force themselves into hegemony since they can use economic, levers, yeah, that's the word, levers, to achieve their desired ends which is, Chinese hegemony over Asia. N. Vietnam proved pretty damned resistant to China's forces back during their aborted little war.
Putin has got to be quaking in his boots. Chinese interests aren't in gaining a sea shield of pointless useless islands in the Pacific against us. China wants Siberia and while the kind of lost the last conflict of arms in the Amur, they have the men, the machinery and the will to roll over the handful of Russians that are left after they were forced to disband their empire. There simply aren't enough Russians or material to face China at all and certainly not if Putin and Russia are trying to fake a strong facade in the West against their former satellite states, Poland, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, and Scandanavia. Yes, yes, a group of school boys from just about any town in America could mug and beat to death just about every NATO member's armed forces in the nearest dark alley of their choice but the easterners are really starting to pull their force back to together and put it back in the sock. They have to resist our resident evil blandishers who will continue to try to sell the old stale argument that weapon superiority triumphs shear numbers. As Napolean said, quantity has a quality all of it's own.
In 30 years the Chinese will roll right over Siberia until the nukes start going off and then European Russia is going to be snuffed out by Chinese nukes. It will be interesting to watch their ABM developments into the future and knowing that China has already got 110% of our classified military data, weapon designs/specifications, drawings, plans, employment tactics, strategy and deployment, it will not be the Russians that win although, I stand with those that said that nobody wins a nuclear war in which both sides have nukes.

capt fast said...

I had been having concerns with the Chinese desire to return to Siberia since the early 1960's when I became aware of what is really going on in the world. That was when I realized that when playing cowboys and indians that sometimes the indians won. the cowboys got so full of themselves for winning that they forgot to look over their shoulder and see the indians sharpening their scalping knives and making better arrows.
so I really agree with you on goals of Beijing and was considering how they planned to move US interests from asia so they could concentrate on Siberia. the Chinese government has managed to remove Confucian thought from it's society however they still embrace Sun Tsu wholeheartedly. never fight a two ocean war if you can avoid it by other means...

Paul L. Quandt said...

I have been writing for years now that the PRC is our main enemy and that we need to fight them sooner than later.

Thanks for the post.
Paul L. Quandt

HMS Defiant said...

I think it would be cool if they could stop and embrace Sun Yat Sen. Put the horrors of the past in the past and let's try to build a new society on a foundation without red brigades, cultural revolution, a great leap or any of the tawdry meaningless hand-waving of the past. Let's just bundle our will and strive to achieve greatness.

There was, once upon a time, a couple of places that just decided to do it. They just rolled up their sleeves and did it. In the latter case, they simply did it because they could. In the former, they did it for the Empire.

At this point, with this history, I don't think China can do either.

Once there was a spark. It laid fallow for a time in Formosa. The PRC exerted every single effort of will to kill it dead, and they did. Now, here in the USA, the grad students of China flock to the degrees in advanced science and there are no students anymore from Nationalist China. Pretty much like Hong Kong, they are gone and will soon be forgotten.
National policy (here) changed, funding changed, culture changed, the university changed and now, there is little left of the spark and the Middle Kingdom? It remains pretty much the same. It steals and blandishes and threatens and destroys those that it deems enemies paramount to the rule of the dynasty.

When it's all said and done, nothing changed at all in China in the last 2000 years.