Sunday, February 6, 2022


GoFraudMe has been caught lying to its benefactors for the zillionth time but this time they didn't just throw themselves on a grendade of their own making, they shoved it so far up their own ass their elbow got stuck. The notorious company of thieves and liars was the site of a gofundme supporting the Canadian truck drivers and their battle against the utterly stupid and scientific fraud ruining lives and businesses under the name, "mandates". The fraudsters running gofundme decided to simply steal $10 million and use it for their own purposes sure and certain that they, as technocrats of the left coast would, as usual and just like the rest, enjoy complete immunity for fraud, deceit and theft of goods and services. It is after all what the west coast does every single day. They reckoned without even considering the millions of enemies they created by behaving exactly the same in previous thefts on their website initiated by them. They were wrong.

I watched it happen in real time yesterday and again today. I knew what they tried to do and then must have heard from their corporate lawyers who, even if located in Washington DC could have been heard screaming "NO!!!!!! NO DAMMIT!!!!! NO YOU IDIOTS!!!!!" all the way out in Redwood City, California which is a city just south of the famous metropolis now called the 'Open Sewer by the Bay' and wouldn't Herb Caen roll over in his grave if we referred to his city that way but he'd agree if he was familiar with the last 30 years of San Francisco's collapse as a city once favorably compared to Baghdad by the Bay back before we destroyed the better parts of Badhdad and occupied it for 20 years. The little town of Redwood City is well known to me and my car still wears the little license plate frame from the Redwood City VW dealership.

This is what a search of our nemisis, google turned up in my first search to see what was happening today with the story of out and out theft.
That is a fail right there and a very pathetic one at that. Google is dead to me after this.

This is from the ducks.
and the next page down for more context.
I have to admit that I'm kind of glad I moved out of California. They along with their counterparts on the east coast are completely ignorant of what hatred is even though they never hesitate to accuse conservatives, christians, whites and republicans of hate crimes every time their lips move. I'm OK with that now. What they don't realize is that we mostly simply dislike them and while we wouldn't kill them, neither would we cross the street to piss on them if they were on fire. That's us. The people who really hate them because they 'speak for America' are a different story. They're the ones that hijacked four airliners with a well thought out plan to fly them into major American landmarks. They got the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Kind of wonder where we'd be today if they had managed to destroy the Capitol or White House. They hate the voice and the image of America and that voice and image they know so well is generated in Washington, DC, New York, New York, San Francisco and Las Angeles.

The Chinese have shown how very easy it is to tailor an ordinary everyday harmless virus into a killer and let it loose and the people that could do that once won't hesitate to do it again and again and again because there were no consequences. By the same token our other enemies have also shown and demonstrated how very easy it is to make nerve gas and release it on the subways in Japan. Airplanes, trains, virus they're all everyday threats now but they're not targeted on me and mine anymore.

I'm really looking forward to the news in coming weeks about the fraudsters at gofundme. They also made some real enemies out of governors and states attornies general. They seem to believe, as does Newsweek, that have declared their intent to steal and then walking it back elminates the legal case against them. Nope.

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SCOTTtheBADGER said...

I would like to see GoFundMe sued and losing even their back teeth. Prosecution for fraud would also amuse me, to no end.