Thursday, April 27, 2017


The Venezuelans had many a chance to avoid the ugly state of affairs they created by letting Chavez out of jail, by  later electing him President and by releasing him again after the army coup of April, 2002, and they failed to see where the road to socialism always leads and so they have quietly and quickly moved from being the wealthiest country in South America to being the most impoverished country, where 74% of the population have shed an average of 20 pounds over the last twelve months, because starvation is like that and leaves a country greatly diminished.

In the end, they bowed to yet another dictator who believed that power came from the people when they were backed by the guns of merciless killers armed by the State and we see it again now with the pathetic Chavez replacement, President Maduro, who has decided to arm 400,000 new socialist men with weaponry from the State's arsenals to be used to ensure the People's Democracy is not overthrown, even if, and I want to stress this, even if every single man, woman and child starves to death in a country sitting atop so much oil it was once a premier member of OPEC and tried to get American presidents, corporations and people to dance to their tune of oil embargo and energy shortages.

Americans don't really see how this can happen here and to some extent they have a point. That is not to say that the lowest common human denominator won't agitate for a 'good socialist' to 'share the wealth' and overthrow the Constitution because it is just another incomprehensible old piece of trash written by a bunch of white men who probably owned slaves or wished they did. They're the kind that staff all those 'Get the Vote Out' shams created and funded by Soros and the other magnates who think they can pull off in America what they pulled off in all of Latin America, most of Europe and in the charnel house that poses as the United Nations. They want a socialist to run things here but I'll be damned if I know why.

One of the things they don't reckon on is that this is still a pretty rugged country and we all know what happens to countries and people that elect socialists to rule over them or who get them jammed down their throats by an occupying power like the Soviet Union.

The first sign in the skies will be after somebody uses a drone in America to kill or attempt to kill someone rich, socialist, evil, greedy or incompetent, by dropping explosives ala ISIS. Right then a bill will be passed and signed into law and we'll find that in America, only the Police and Federal Agencies will be allowed to own, operate or fly any kind of drone.


The Old Man said...

The FCC has already started that crap. Anyone who operates a remotely controlled drone that weighs more than .55 kg has to have a federal permit.
That's why I quit flying RC aircraft two years ago....

genericviews said...

They want a socialist to run things here but I'll be damned if I know why.

... Because it works out really well (for you) if you can get yourself elected as the top socialist. It works out really well for all your friends too, except the ones you never liked anyway but just tolerated because you needed their money.

HMS Defiant said...

It's funny to me how so few bad guys actually obey the laws limiting things they find necessary for their freedom of expression.

HMS Defiant said...

True that. And I guess they still get access to first rate food and medical even as their subject die like flies from famine and disease. All those wonderful progressive leaders go to America or France for the best medicine money can buy and enjoy splendid retirements once they're turfed out of office and find they can buy a villa just down the road in France next to The Last King of the Scots.