Friday, April 7, 2017


The United States has fired a number of mostly harmless cruise missiles into a Syrian airbase in retaliation for Assad being so incredibly stupid that he used sarin gas on harmless civilians and killed dozens of them even after being warned about using gas and being disarmed on that front by Obama and his silly plan to take all the chemical weapons out of Syria so nobody gets hurt in their civil war.

I'm not buying it. I don't believe Assad is so damned stupid that he would gas his own people again when he failed to gas ISIS when he had them in his bomb sights. I think we got played, again, by those wily evil terrorists who don't hesitate to gas women and children or burn airmen alive, kind of like what we just did to some more poor Syrian airmen with our cruise missile strikes on their base. Since Bush, we've been signalling with Tomahawks. How very retro.

Why would Assad use chemical weapons on harmless people? Who benefits? The evidence gathered by the notorious NSA must have been overwhelming if it showed positively that Assad ordered such an attack because anybody in the real world is scratching their head and wondering WTF?!

We gotta get some foreign policy experts that presidents listen to. Somebody has got to convince those boobs that decapitation strikes and deposing the strong men of the muslim world doesn't work at all and is 100% counterproductive if one wants calm and peace. Deposing Mubarak was unbelievably stupid. Gunning down Qaddafi was unbelievably stupid. In retrospect, toppling Hussein was stupid. That whole Arab Spring thing was a complete disaster on all fronts. Everybody lost except Al Quaeda and ISIS.

The only place I can think of that would benefit America if it was struck by cruise missiles, is Foggy Bottom at 10am on a Wednesday. We desperately need some real diplomats who understand diplomacy, geopolitics and grand strategy. Barring a cruise missile strike on our expert diplomats, toss in some sarin.

This is the State Department Expert on Middle East Policy

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