Tuesday, April 4, 2017


The latest outrage appears to involve a hat with the Gadsden flag symbols and words on it. In other words it's just like this little flag. Some dude finds it racist. What a strange world that finds a snake racist or the words below the snake are somehow racist. Do you suppose it's as racist as a BLM sign? That seems to be a little narrower in terms of diversity and implies that all the other lives don't matter. Try putting up an All Lives Matter sign. I wouldn't recommend it.

Flown on the jack staff of every USN warship when at anchor or inport


OldAFSarge said...

The lanyard I wear at work has the logo and the words from the Gadsden flag (same colors too). Anyone offended by that will receive colorful and helpful suggestions as to what they can do to themselves.

The world has always had it's share of idiots and the perpetually offended. Problem is, now we elect them to office and actually listen to them. Rather a failing on civilization's part in my book.

HMS Defiant said...

When you think that civilization today is down to just the English speaking world, it's a tragedy and even here in that world nobody reads the great works anymore or studies the philosophies that were behind the creation of western democratic civilization.