Thursday, April 13, 2017


When Trump arbitrarily struck a Syrian Air Force base with cruise missiles the other day he declared war on Syria and its dictator/ruler Bashar al Assad. The reason given for the attack was tenuous at best given the state of play in the middle east. Allegedly, Assad used sarin gas on his own women and children in some cruel but entirely meaningless attack. I don't believe Assad is that stupid. Nor do I believe that anybody at the highest levels in the Syrian military is that stupid. What they are though, is pissed off at Trump and Trump's America.

What would you do if you were bombed for no good reason? What would you do if you were attacked by a regime that has made it policy to topple dictators and turn them over to their islamic enemies and have seen most of your peers murdered by US backed thugs? I know what I would do because at that point one has nothing left to lose. One's life is already forfeit and if the terrorists don't kill you and your family, a cruise missile or a drone launched by Americans will.

Right now would not be a good time to live in the city. If the rising tide of violence doesn't kill you or destroy you, the next muslim attack using sarin gas in our cities will. Assad has no reason not to send a few of his happy Ba'athist thugs to New York or Washington DC and let loose the furies of war here in America. After all, we are waging war on him, his people and his country and he doesn't have anything left to lose now, does he?


The Old Man said...

Amigo, if I recall my NBC/CBR training as well as the EPA decon protocols there is no way that the video released of the children supposedly having sarin being hosed off is anything close to reality. Even in a third world setting. No reaction from the children or the "first responders" that would be consistent with exposure to nerve agents is visible.
In the words of Aretha Franklin "Who's zooming who?".
Cui bono?

HMS Defiant said...

Yep. The UTAWBAG guys were pretty clear on the symptoms for VX and sarin and what we saw in the video was inconsistent with the application of either. Both are severe nerve agents and there was no sign of any decontamination. I've now seen references that say it was VX and others that say sarin. One is a persistent agent that will kill from a touch for weeks/months/years. I was going to end with Cui Bono myself since I can't believe Assad ordered this attack or that it was carried out by government forces.

The Old Man said...

Glad to have reinforcement that I had not completely lost my mind WRT NBC. The questions still remain, amigo.
As near as I can tell, if our sorry-ass race doesn't get off this planet NOW, we will be extinct or non-space-faring very freakin' shortly.
The cockroaches will prosper.

HMS Defiant said...

It could get ugly.