Saturday, April 8, 2017


There are some people who are so vile and obnoxious you want to hit them very hard with a stick. They go by many names these days and it seems they change their collective call sign every few years because it tarnishes so very quickly and loses its luster and needs to swapped out with a shiny new one that improves the self image and disguises the fact that nothing at all has changed.

It's a wonder to me that they seem to think that stepping out into the middle of the road, at night, to 'block traffic' in the name of their chosen cause which, as I understand it, is unbridled support for looters, vandals, murderers, thieves, cutthroats, murderers and pretty much anybody who shares their single dominant characteristic, is a wise and carefully thought out move to signify their oppression and call attention to the fact that their lives matter. I'm not sure they've thought it through though since stepping into the path of fast moving cars is generally a significant indicator that your life doesn't matter to you so why would it matter to me?

I'm kind of tired of the hate and racism and the violence and the vandalism and the shouting and screaming that drowns out civilized voices. If they keep pissing people off for no reason at all they're going to need those 'safe spaces' they so crave.


The Old Man said...

Both of us may be suffering from "NFS" or "SJWF". The Plain Dealer has become the NYT/LAT outlet here and the TV shows and commercials have only old white guys as clueless punching bags as well as objects of derision. If you're over 25 and white, you are dumb as a bag of hammers or have no tits. Otherwise you are a fount of knowledge.
There should not be a shock if the "cord-cutting" reaction to cable gains ground.
The honkie-daddies are paying the bills...

HMS Defiant said...

I never bother with the Plain Dealer and certainly don't watch the news anymore. In fact, I pretty much stay away from what passes for TV entertainment. I accept that we have now become a divided nation split between people who think the news is real and the TV shows are entertaining and the rest of us who don't believe the idiots in the newsrooms and find nothing at all about SITCOMs or Prime Time to be amusing or entertaining.