Thursday, August 11, 2016


In an aggressive display of Chinese land grabbing, Chinese drillers pursue their boundless efforts to exploit their national sovereignty over the "Expanded South China Sea" and have commenced drilling the coast of Scotland claiming that if they 'own' the South Sea it naturally follows that they own the North Sea too.

Oil Rig Exploiting the Scottish Coastline
In the Age of Exploration, the explorers went out closely followed or accompanied by missionaries who stayed to exploit the people of the new lands and when the missionaries ran into trouble they asked the King to send an army or two to back them up; such was the power of the Church. In modern times we send out the oilmen and when they ran into trouble they bleated for help and their country sent force to back them up. Nowadays oilmen are backed up by nothing but diplomacy and our dimplomats are headed up by ignorant clowns like John Kerry and Hillary Clinton. Woe to the American and Western oilmen because the Chinese diplomats are pretty damned wiley.

You would think at some point the clowns in the State Department would wake up to the simple fact that throughout history wars not driven by religious differences or dynastic differences, were driven by pure commercial interests and the acquisition of more resources. One has to wonder if anybody in the State Department is familiar with the progression of claim, counterclaim, war.

BTW, for those not attuned to modern study, it is pretty much acknowleged that ideology is religion. You cross the fanatic ideologist at your immediate peril of death or worse. See? Nobody expected the Communist Inquisition!!!

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