Saturday, August 27, 2016


Tom and I are by no means speedy walkers but we stopped periodically by the side of the lane as we left the concert in order to let the ladies catch up. I have to admit being just a little surprised today when Anne Bonny told me that she never noticed the girl wearing the short dress who cartwheeled almost all the way back to the car just ahead of Tom and me. I'm talking miles....of cartwheeling. It was like being in Brazil and watching the gymnastics and I find the way those gymnasts can fly absolutely amazing. This girl was tipsy which probably meant she wasn't quite insane enough to fly or do a double pike somersault.....dammit. I don't doubt for a moment that she could if she wanted to.

It goes without saying that both Tom and I noticed.

For my two readers who don't understand the gravity of gravitas and walking dynamics. I need the flywheel effect if I'm to keep walking in anything resembling a straight line. Like a bike, I have to rely on dynamic stability because I don't have any gravitas. I don't mosey or amble unless there's a gun pointed at my head. To beat an old film further to death, I feel the need for speed or I just fall over.

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