Wednesday, August 10, 2016


I have a great deal of contempt for anybody who would vote for Hillary. Her presence or touch ruins or tarnishes everything and everyone she makes contact with. She only draws breath to lie and cough.

Nevertheless, l suspect she will come in first no matter how few Americans vote for her.  Isn't it amazing that all the corrupt precincts reliably vote 141% Democrat and every single time it is discovered that something was wrong with Electronic polling machines it always involved the machines registering Republican votes as being cast as votes for the democrat.

There is though one saving grace, as I see it. She will give her inaugural address and suffer a complete mental and physical meltdown in public as she heads to the White House. All those little ignored twitches, dizziness, coughs and blackouts will unite in one dramatic meltdown at her moment of triumph.

It has to be in public or we'll end up with Bill running things again while the brain dead Clinton is shoved into a sub basement corridor under the White House as shown in Dave.

Funny how often movies resemble reality. OTOH, few recall the Edith Wilson Administration.