Friday, October 22, 2021


Famous now as a killer maniac, Alec Baldwin shot a producer to death on the scene of his movie. He also shot a man but he's likely to pull through and recover. Why did Baldwin decide to murder his producer? The world wonders. I'm sure Hollywood will blame the gun for going off all by itself and hitting and killing someone not even on the set or a likely candidate to be just randomly shot and let's be honest, NOBODY puts real bullets in a prop gun as a joke. Somebody was meant to kill and be killed. Baldwin is sufficiently despicable for either ends of the gun equation.


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    1. no, it was murder. Too bad really. She seemed like a nice person from what I saw just now.

  2. Apparently check clearing a weapon you have been handed is no longer SOP.

  3. I read somewhere the gun was a highly engraved single action percussion cap black powder pistol circa 1850 reproduction. It is designed to load powder directly in the cylinder then a wadding and projectile that is set with a leaver ram rod. The percussion caps are then placed on the nipple to complete the loading of a hot gun.

    To load it for blanks all you do is put the percussion caps on the nipple to complete the loading of a Cold gun. That is not an easy gun to load for a hot load and is easily checked. The property manager, armorer, and actor all failed at their job.

    1. yep.
      the gold standard is to simply assume it is loaded to kill and therefore check to make sure you have a safe weapon. How hard is it to simply make the true that every gun is loaded until you visually check it. We had an army general in Kuwait during the late war who told one of our commodores that he would going to court martial the next time one of his sailors had a "misfire" of a loaded weapon. 3 in a month, 2 by the same LT......