Monday, August 5, 2019


I was reading Instapundit tonight and came across something written by Sarah Hoyt that made me think she has sussed out why we are seeing more mass shootings. It is related to the usual frenzies associated with the end of one millennium and the beginning of the next. A lot of people go crazy when the old one ends and they all ready themselves for the Rapture or some other kind of end-of-the world scenario.

Sarah observed that and also that western society has been treating white boys and men of pallor like shit for the last decade or two and it is reflected in the schools and in the colleges and universities where it is enough to accuse a man of a sexual act to see him immediately thrown out of school and his life destroyed with no opportunity for redress until he hires a good lawyer and goes to court. The abuses dealt out to men by Obama, his Department of Education, Title IX and college administrations is almost unbelievable.

KC Johnson does a good job of tracking the nonsense. He also writes at Minding the Campus. I first ran across him 13 years ago when he was blogging at Durham in Wonderland where he stayed on top of the  grotesque abuse of the Duke lacrosse team after they were falsely accused and charged and railroaded off campus by everyone from the President of the University down to the sheriff in the local southern town out of your worst nightmares.

So now we have an entire class of men (and boys) who are fair game for every kind of abuse and the only people in this country that you are allowed to discriminate against in just about every job or circumstance and what they hear day after day is 'check your white privilege'. Oh, and the world is ending in 14 months because of global warming. (Yep, we're back to the millennial BS that makes some people go crazy.) Look at all the idiots that sincerely believe that they can change the fate of the world by reducing their CO2 contribution to the greenhouse.

Some people have kept up with the pseudo-science practiced by the dirtbags secretly running the scam called Climate Change. The whole thing is a scam, the science is fake, the data has been so massaged it trickled off the table and ran down the drain. Everybody from Mann to NASA has been 'fixing' and 'adjusting' the numbers for two decades. They all add 'corrections' to the data gathered decades ago in order to show that the earth has been warming up for generations.

So now we have an entire class of fairly bitter, angry men and some have become convinced that they have nothing left to lose. In a way it is a bit like all the muslim losers that run off from the West to join ISIS in Iraq and Syria and kill people. Their small tiny voices of conscience have been drowned out by the drumbeat of those crying out that death is nigh and the end-of-the-world is just around the corner.

It is all part of a grand and sweeping change rolling over America and the West. I read Sunday morning in either the NYTIMES or WSJ that doctors were polled recently and an overwhelming number of female doctors were much more interested in working fewer hours, going part-time or quitting the practice of medicine altogether in order to spend more time with their children and family. As I recall, over half of the recent graduates from medical schools are women. If a significant number of them cut back, go part-time or quit, we're going to have a doctor shortage. It's one of those hidden costs that seem to leap into being out of nowhere.
From January to June 2017, athenahealth surveyed 18,000 physicians at 3,500 practices on its network, and determined that more than 60 percent of physicians under the age of 35 are female, while just under 40 percent are male.
 All things considered it doesn't look good for the future. Burn, die from lack of medical care, be a statistic in a massacre or wither away. It's not really all that bleak. That's that part that a lot of people don't get. They watch the news and they read the crap newspapers and they believe everything they hear about President Trump and everything they hear about global warming now renamed climate change because no warming for 15 straight years.

Stop reading the newspapers and stop watching the TV news and use NPR to keep your blood pressure up on those long drives when you feel tired and might fall asleep before you get home. Those idiots rile the dead with their stupidity, blinders and unique approach to getting both sides of the story by asking two communists to come into the studio where one will tell us all what the Republicans are up to and the other eagerly agrees with the presenter and all agree that Trump is evil, Republicans are evil and the Russians did it and Hillary is nothing but a charming mother-of-all with an outstanding and unblemished record of public service, just like her husband.


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Spot on, Cap'n!

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