Thursday, August 29, 2019


This was at instapundit a minute ago. It resonates very loudly.
“Vote for us, you bigots,” is quite an interesting argument for Democratic Party operatives with bylines to be making during in the early innings of a presidential election cycle.
As was said there earlier, all they have to do to win is just not be crazy. They're giving crazy a run for their money.

Having come back from CA yesterday, we are heading for PA crazyville in the morning. As we do on our way out we will pass through Lordstown on our way to Carlisle. In my twisted world we could make something there, technicals if nothing else. As with tesla, we could sell them for nothing in the 3rd world and make money on selling those bastards some ammunition.

Just sayin. If you ain't innovating, you ain't trying.

actually not sure how to spell ain't. I'll ask my daughter...... She'll know.

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