Friday, August 9, 2019


It's enough. We can see what it is for what it is.


capt fast said...

pretty much goes without saying that it is the plan all along in order for the gun owner to have no recourse to confiscation. surely in violation of those inalienable and unassailable natural rights of which the second amendment is only one which the US Constitution is supposed to protect. once the ball is rolling there won't be any turning back for getting rid of all those pesky articles that hold the government back. Good faith and intentions be damned, a knife at the governments throat is the only thing that holds back a totalitarian regime. Doubt that statement all you want; history is full of examples and object lessons not taught in schools today. Snowflakes and Liberals and Socialists should consider that in case the articles are rescinded under a deeply conservative regime. The articles are there to defend all of us against a rampant government; any one of which defends all of them.

Brig said...


Murphy(AZ) said...

What does it matter if you get "due process" in courts overwhelmingly staffed by liberal judges? when you finally get your day in court, if it goes against you (and most likely it will, because: Liberals,) then what? more time spent, more treasure spent, as you appeal from level to level, and finally, years later, your money gone, you make it to the Supremes (and you won't get anywhere near the Supreme Court unless you get adopted by some "deep pockets" gun-rights organization.)

If you finally win in the Supreme Court, you still won't get your weapons back, either because some Leftie wonk sent them out for destruction, or some thieving low-life along the chain-of-custody saw your gun, and did his impression of Sméagol from Lord of the Rings, ("MY pretty! MY PRECIOUS!")

My advice: you LOST your guns in an unfortunate boating accident. If you plan on moving soon, or have recently moved, your guns were stolen in transit. An in-law borrowed your gun and lost/sold it/traded it for drugs or had it stolen from him and didn't report it.

Consider filing theft a report with the officials, AFTER you have moved your weapons "off-site." What are they going to do?

What they're NOT going to do is waste a lot of time looking for the stolen guns. Their thought process is: eventually some thug will use your stolen guns in a crime, and they will seize your gun as "evidence" and stroke themselves for getting a gun thug off the streets. Aside from that, your "stolen" gun becomes just another report in a musty old warehouse somewhere, and quickly forgotten.

Even if they do figure out that you filed a false report, they want us all in jail anyway, so what do you have to lose? Do what you have to. TELL NO ONE of your plans. Secrets are best kept if they're not shared. Become a member of the silent underground. The smart gun owners are already making plans; the Red Flaggers will be distracted going after the not-so-smart ones who maybe shouldn't have guns anyway.

HMS Defiant said...

scumbags broke into my apartment in Oakland and stole a Mac+ but not the power cord, they stole a matrix printer and they stole my first .45. The Oakland police eventually showed up and just as you said, they could not care less about the crime, there was no hope of ever catching the thieves (who lived downstairs) and that was it. I'm sure the gun showed up in a crime or two and was confiscated by the police in Oakland who made no attempt to return it to the owner. What can I say, I expected that and I moved out of Oakland.