Saturday, August 10, 2019


It's late but I thought I would have a look to see if there was anything new on our wandering pole. It doesn't appear to have changed much since January. The north magnetic pole accelerated its drift towards Siberia last year and is moving at about 34 miles/year and jumped under the international date line on its way out of Canada. What surprises me is that there haven't been rafts of 'scientists' trying to tell us that this increased drift is anthropomorphic and the fault of mankind.

Still, it's early days. I'm sure if we give them time, some nut, just like the anthropomorphic global warming nuts, will say it's our fault. And then, when it shows up in Siberia it will be just like that malarkey after the War with people demanding to know who lost the pole to Russia! I'm sure they'll blame white men and Rethuglicans, like they do.


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  2. permanently wandering pole and no, it is not trumps fault... just heard the news that jeffrey epstein(noted pedofile) has committed arkancide and will no longer be admitting to evidence bill clinton's activities on epstein's private bordello island.

    1. It sure is weird how every possible enemy of the Clinton's conveniently dies.