Monday, August 9, 2010


Hsd way more fun in a week with a 7 year old girl than you could shake a stick at. Also got word from multiple sources, again, that I'm an ass. What can I say? I really truly like to argue and of course could never ever not even once do it in person. The intertubes were perfect for somebody like me. Just as marriage was the death of Random at USENET so is the invite to the world the death of Curtis. We shall not see his like again, I hope. Does anyone else miss the naps of childhood?

Napping turned to nooners turned to can't sleep more then 4 hours. It used to take nothing more than covering her feet on the couch and out she'd be. Less than five minutes to unconscious after toe warming.

I thought about it a bit today and decided, I don't really think I'll miss slanging off. Nobody else will either.

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