Monday, June 15, 2020


The Supreme Court went crazy today and decided that sex doesn't matter when it comes to Title IX. The Court majority decided that feelz@sex under Title VII trumps IX and so they have determined that fake women are still allowed to fairly outcompete real women on women's sports because, justice. That seems OK to me because what is obviously needed now is a League of Their Own.

If it is just under Title IX that separate women's teams be formed so that women can also compete in athletics and share the glory with men's teams, it then follows that separate trans teams can be formed where all the trans can compete separately but equally with their fellow trans.

Could we be fairer?

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capt fast said...

neighbors(nameless) youngest daughter calling out her parents for not explaining the whole gender confusion thing to her in a timely manner. she didn't understand why some random guy was pissing in the sink in the girls bathroom at school and no one did anything about it. this was before this extraordinary level of virtue signaling commenced and school was shut down. to be a fly on the wall when the twelve year old got the "talk"; much harsh language and screaming in protests. that is one angry child. I see home schooling in the youngest daughters future. the eldest daughter(16) was on girls soccer and field hockey but quit when two "boys" joined the teams and-I am now told-desires to be home schooled. interesting times in the mile high city.
mom and dad know of my taste in short and long weapons and came by yesterday to ask me for a recommendation for their own use. we discussed the various methods of conflict resolution and I gave them the card of a reputable NRA Trainer. get this...they want their daughters to get training also. 2022 Prom will be interesting.