Wednesday, June 10, 2020


I see that President Trump has unilaterally ordered the withdrawal of 10,000 troops from Germany and the Germans and the liberals are behaving per spec and shrieking in outrage that it wasn't done after years of consultation with our devoted German allies and other losers. For once there  has been little heard of rebuke from our own State Department who seem finally to be coming into control and behaving like they are there to represent America's national interests.

I think President Trump could do better if he simply drew our forces in Germany down to the level of German forces actually fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan or waging a war against terrorism anywhere but that would probably be asking for too much. We'd have to send all of our troops and units now based in Germany to Poland and other countries that are the real mainstays of the NATO. Germany is obviously now fully aligned with France and Italy as non-player characters in the ongoing charade we call NATO and they call a jobs program funded by the United States.


Tsquared said...

Nope, you can't end the troops to Poland. Poland has better looking hookers that are cheaper than Germany's. Also Poland has more liberal drug laws than Holland. The cost of living is also about half of Germany as well. The troops would have too good a time in Poland.

HMS Defiant said...

All part of my "Let's Make War Fun Again" strategy. A new "Cold War"! Do it for the troops!