Thursday, June 25, 2020


There are a number of cities and municipalities that have caved under the tiny pressure of a handful of raving lunatics and are responding to intimidation by slashing spending on their law enforcement/public safety responsibilities. How exactly do they see that working out over the course of the next few months as various people confronted by arsonists, looters, rapists and murderers have no choice now but to defend themselves with deadly force?

It’s not going to be pretty. The sheep that refused to arm themselves are going to suffer, the well heeled will be out money, time and effort keeping the lawyers fully employed in response to thousands of justified shootings that will still nevertheless clog up court dockets and make life hell for people that have never ventured into that aspect of the misjustice system and it will also be very hard on the criminal class who are going to find dying at the hands of their victims a harsh blow to the freedom to loot, rape, pillage and kill with impunity that they expected after a summer of getting away with murder and all the other crimes.

I’m sort of looking forward to it. We’ll see new voices raised by people that are asked about their take on all this “gun” violence and start to respond by shouting, “Hallalujah Jesus!!!! Thank God I/she/he had a gun and could end this with a bang.”

I foresee a long line of black mourners who aren’t going to be thrilled with what happens when one takes the police who protect the criminals from their victims out of the equation and restores the balance to kill or be killed.

Once again, the side with the guns are most likely to come out of this latest charade of social justice with a wry shake of the head as the “gun victims” start screaming for police protection again.


Murphy(AZ) said...

TRUTH: "I foresee a long line of black mourners who aren’t going to be thrilled with what happens when one takes the police who protect the criminals from their victims out of the equation and restores the balance to kill or be killed."

I think we've all seen that Middle America takes a long time to come to a boil. We consider the situation, we mull over how it effects us personally, and our families. We are a tolerant lot; while we may not like or accept whatever the current situation is, we tend to look at it and figure it will eventually pass.

As the years pass, we watch these events get worse. We see ourselves come closer and closer to our own personal tipping point. Let me ask, in what previous unrest did you decide to purchase your first gun? Another gun? More ammunition? When did you tell yourself that things were getting out of hand and you needed to prepare to protect your family and possessions?

If this sad trend continues and police are defunded, disbanded, and left exposed to every wild accusation and lawsuits over everything they do in the performance of their duties, then we aren't going to have law enforcement any more. They will shed their uniforms and walk away. They will find safe shelters and protect their families, property, and neighbors from the mindless evil that is coming. Liberal Socialist Councilors and Social Workers won't stand between you and the "bad guys."

When that day comes, I want some of them in my neighborhood. We'll stand with them, because we know they will stand with us.

capt fast said...

I do not see that it is a matter of the side with the most guns winning arguments about giving away ones goods and lives. I see that it will be the side with the courage to defend themselves from the onslaught of nerdowells.
I have seen many in CCW classes and weapons handling classes who simply think having a gun is the magic elixir they have long sought after to stem the tide of evil. it is a harsh lesson when they get it pointed out that it just ain't so. They cannot comprehend the idea that when the gun comes out, someone needs to die. if no one needs to die, the gun should never come out. never threaten with it. kill with it. surprising how many object to that simple principle. they will in the end be disarmed and killed out of hand because they simply do not have the will to survive the encounter come what may.
LEOs learn that concept early. politicians never learn it. politicians don't even understand that LEOs enforce the laws politicians have passed and that the military kills people and destroys countries. politicians think they are interchangable. They are not. LEOs do not stand on the street with a battle rifle with bayonet and a full clip of ammo as the Guard does. If they don't have that, they shouldn't be there. The Guard IS the gun when properly employed.