Tuesday, June 30, 2020


There has been another one of those mysterious radiation plumes drifting into and over Europe from the east. It appears to be coming from Russia. It is reportedly low level harmless radioactive particles and they are slowly drifting over the parts of Europe some people remember fondly. We remember who started using gas in the First World War. They must have made a study of the prevailing winds.

You know what else gets distributed by the prevailing wind? Airborne pathogens developed in a weapons lab like the one that unleashed the Wuhan Corona virus. Same thing, just a little more tricky to trace back to the point of origin if you do it right. The prevailing winds are a factor few consider outside the realm of those who race sailboats competitively or study naval war in the Age of Sail.


capt fast said...

well, gee. the russians have been so forthcoming since blowing their POS reactor in Chernobyl until it was obvious everyone in europe was fuckered. can you possibly not see that continued denials is the path to take while they continue to irradiate the scandinavians? hell, evidence supports that back in 2017 they did the same thing from the same plant in the Ural mountains.I just love to pick at the russians. they are such nice assholes/scabs.

by the bye, note that this never happens to the french. I don't recall off hand any serious badness from Chernobyl dusting the grapes of france. wonder why that is.prevailing wind? picking at the french is also a fine hobby to have; please don't be offended.

speaking of prevailing winds; in war game attack scenarios at a gov sponsored planning session years, many years ago, we were told to try out of the box ideas. I was amused by the concept of several slow freighters with "clean" nukes encased in sodium metal-half life of what, four weeks? not sure of that but the plan called for a short but hot half life. plop them down and sink them in the San Diego harbor, LA harbor, SF bay harbor, Portland harbor, Seattle harbor(the coastie rep was displeased with my paper) with the winds blowing to the east. Rigorously irradiate everything from there to the east coast and some of europe. maybe more than once. a bit harsh on all things dependent on life processes, but, Instant Lebensraum. Got a letter of commendation for that one.
so it turns out you don't need nukes to defeat the USA, just a virus and democrat/libtard panic will win thru the day with ease. just how do you think this last several months of this year would be different if the democrats were in complete control of the country?

anyone planning to take a vacation to Venezuela or are you ready to get back t work?

HMS Defiant said...

to be the sme in a subject one dare not write about it. yeah, got that.

The French are worthless on our scale but I still remember the million dead at Verdun. I'd like to think they didn't all die in vain, but they did. That France found men enough willing to die for France? We won't see their like again. France is now Africa and muslim and doesn't know it.