Wednesday, July 1, 2020


I enjoyed the movie. It was probably, for me, Hollywood's last gasp of Americana and even then they somehow managed to make a mockery of their intent. He starts out as a champion of the Bill of Rights and ends up as a gun grabber who denies the 2nd Amendment but I do like the bits about the rest. Politics has always been about making the sheep afraid so they vote tyrants more and more power. You see the end result of that in democrat controlled cities and states throughout all of history. It never ends well for the little people and it really sucks for the others when the State comes after them just exactly the way Putin's State went after the Oligarchs it created at the breakup of the Soviet Union.

Make you afraid. They try with something over which mankind has no real effect. They claim the climate will doom us because progress. The claim is marvelously unprovable and histrionic and yet the 16 year old autism types lap it up like the milk of human kindness. They want to save the planet by making you all live in the dark, cold and foodless world you get out of zero emissions and zero GMO foods. Covid 19, like MERS, SARS, Swine flu will be followed next year by another virus. The weather will change from year to year. Murder hornets will be like those Asian killer carp in the Great Lakes and we'll all mosey along just fine unless we believe that all black people are our friends. You pretty much  quintupled your odds of death if you believe that.

Let's also spend $trillions on meteor defense, for the planet. BLM demands it!