Thursday, July 2, 2020


You might think getting a cold beer on a hot day in a river/great lake kind of emporium with a breeze blowing through the patio and maybe a calzone was a thing you could actually do in a day while minding the cat. Not here in metroparkcentralis. I think it fair to say I gave it every chance to find a place that catered to humans interested in lunch, a beer and sunshine. What an idiot.

Strike lake view/river view off the sheet of possibilities. Not happening. For some reason best known to city planners, they all decided that such venues would be a waste of the taxpayers waterfront views of dumps, airports, salt mines, slag heaps etc. You get the drift. Toss in the odd steel mill for breakfast viewing.

Add to that the Corona terror and, "you can't just step onto the patio you prole! You must go through the virus vector shop first!" Um, no. No I don't.

"We'd love to talk to you as we get ready to open in 2 hours but no, there's no hope of actually getting a beer here in our Osan kind of open windows shop at just after 1400. Best bet is to die and go to heaven."

It was a beautiful day to shave the cat...... and get a beer and calzone. OTGH, we take what we can get even if we have to make it ourself.

 yeah yeah, there was a barge tied up on the bank but it was a very quiet barge (nobody there) and I had the river and the kayakers, shade, and birds and it was a cool refreshing day after all despite the merchants of 'bite me' who occupied the upper banks of the river and were the masters of "NO".


Anonymous said...

Cheers! I live 20 minutes from that brewery. Coal regions forever,and still somewhat similar people from my youth.

HMS Defiant said...

I still remember when Rolling Rock struck back when I was in school and my friends would drive their cars to the beer distributor in State College, get out in the warehouse and paw through the endless stacks of cases to find ones that were brewed pre-strike and contained the 'genuine artesian waters'. I thought they were crazy but they were buying so I didn't say anything...