Tuesday, July 28, 2020


My computer flamed out a couple of hours after my last post. It has taken me awhile to kick it back into action. I don't have any idea how computers work so I use a macbook and Time Machine to back it up. It took me a little longer than I thought it would to marry the two back together and get it working again.

That said, we left with the world in flames and we return with the the idiotic parts of the world in flames. What's going on in the Blue strongholds in Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York, DC and the other stupid cities must be having the same affect on most people as root canal without anesthesia. I still catch the odd moment of our foe trying to blame it all on Trump but surely people are not that stupid. Are they? People can see that the policies the democrats advocate and put in place in those places seem to have energized a beast of great hatred to go after all authority and the past without remorse.

At any rate, so long as he refrains from raising his hand against the arsonists, rioters, shooters and killers running amok in those crappy hellholes he will almost certainly win because anybody with a brain can see who is behind the violence and anarchy and it sure as hell isn't him or the rethuglicans.

A certain amount of truth is now moving to the forefront and it may prove illuminating:

- The Navy has a couple of problems that it cannot resolve in the current context of things. It totally screwed the pooch when it killed officer training in the surface warfare community and left it to the older guys on each ship to give some instruction and teach leadership. Now they have some really ignorant officers and very very few actual leaders.
   They compounded that mistake by deciding and acting as if sailor quality of life was the be all-end all of life in the Navy. I and my peers stood 3 or 4, sometimes 5 section duty inport throughout the Cold War and it wasn't because the powers that be liked us to stay on the ship to save money. Nope. We were there for several purposes outside the normal scope of folks knowledge. First, we were the Duty Section and were trained to fall in on a Repair Locker and grab the gear necessary to fight any kind of fire, stop any kind of leak and keep the ship afloat and unburned. In addition to that, we also kept the ship safe from intentional kinds of harm. Nuclear capable ships had to have a full Security Alert Team and Back Up Alert Force to keep some things safe at any cost. Those guys were in addition to the repair party since you could not do both jobs at the same time with the same people. Finally, it gave younger sailors their best chance to complete their Professional on hands training to learn enough to pass the tests to advance in rate and to satisfy the other requirements that demanded. I think they scrapped all that stuff decades ago. It shows. They decided they could go into 10 duty sections and just man a single hose to fight fires with untrained sailors most of whom are probably not qualified.r

-  At some point people are going to wake up and wonder just where all these trillions and trillions of dollars are coming from that are flying out of the Congress and the Fed and the answer isn't pretty. They're just making it up and all those who are worried about their grandkids having to pay the debts being racked up today and yesterday don't have to worry. It is impossible to ever repay that debt even as it stands now, never mind as it grows again by 2 and 3 trillion $ deficits every year from now on, more if people elect Democrats.

-  People are seriously trying to convince you that we need to prep for War with China. All you have to do in that regard is ask a simple question nobody ever seems to ask: How do we win a war with China? We can't win one in Afghanistan or anyplace else we've fought since 1945 and the last one we did win took nuclear weapons. We really don't want a war with China. There is no conceivable way to win one or break even.

-  The virus has revealed the cracks in the education system from top to bottom. Why are people going into debt to the tune of hundreds of thousands of $ for a meaningless degree in 'studies'? Why do students have to appear in corpus to receive instruction when it is now made clear that they can get it online or simply read it out of books and have tutors assist with the tricky bits? As I understand it the old school was the first 3 years were teaching the kids to read and after that they taught themselves most subjects and I'm pretty sure computer courses could teach every level of math just fine. Do you really have to dissect a frog, yourself? Do they still do that?

- The K-12 are a failing enterprise for about 50% of the inmates. They never learned to read. They're of little use in modern society in America. If we need unskilled labor that works hard all the hours of the day we hire Mexicans. They work their asses off. What do we do with young adults that can't read, don't know anything and won't work?

- Still, that's nothing compared to the colleges and universities. At one time they were the rendezvous for young adults with the shared goal of learning and then moving on. That ended in the 60's and it is now so rare as to be very hard to find. Oh sure you say, the schools are stuffed with inmates students but there's a catch. Some staggeringly huge percentage of them never graduate. They rack up the debts just fine but they fail to make the grade, even today, even if they are colored. The colleges and universities rely on them to pay those Diversity Directors their $500,000/annum salaries and that won't change. Most of the schools are broke.

-  The Savage War of Peace we are engaged in right now with China is having an impact on the schools too. Most of the students actually paying the full tuition come from China and the President and Chinese actions have brought that to an end for now. Trump won't relent because why should he? We don't have any of our students in Chinese universities hoovering up all the red hot Chinese technology so we don't lose by curtailing their ability to send their students here to  hoover up our technology. It's a great pity that we have very few young people interested in the hard sciences to take their place but that will change when,

- We finally have a President who ends the abomination of the suicide visa option that lets Silicon Valley firms hire Indians and other lesser lights to come to America to take the jobs away from the American doing them and pay the new guys half the going rate for the same job. I think there would be more interest in the jobs if people sensed that they would have a job when they graduate after a hard slog getting a BS or MS in the hard sciences.

We've got cities here full of people who have realized that they have no meaningful future in this country as it exists now and think the only thing they can do is use violence to change it into something they think would improve their outcomes.

Did anybody think that some jackass would try to kick off a race war in the 21st century here in America? This place looks more surreal every day.


capt fast said...

welcome back. lot to unpack there.
here is what you missed.
1. Mayor Lightfoot gets her make up done by the gal that did michael keaton in the film "beetlejuice". a mind picture you will not soon forget.
2.all affirmative action programs done since 1970s are insulting to all people regardless of color or origin and have had an inordinately bad affect on society as a whole.
3.we have leaped over the edge of the tipping point. there is a resolution on the floor of the House to remove all things called democrat from government offices because of the long association of the democrat party with slave holding, minority vote suppression, racial segregation and denigration. A guy would have to not have eyes and ears to ask why that would be.
4. The UN is butting into the internal affairs of the Untied States. Again.

capt fast said...

meanwhile over at the naval institute blogs, a certain level of angst is leveled at systemic/institutional racism, by calling out one-1-ONE persons opinions as if it was now the institutional opinion of ALL past, present and future members of the Naval service.
when are the adults coming back from the bar?

Coffee Man said...

I was the Combat Cargo Officer aboard an LPD in Japan when they decided to end SWAS for JO's coming from college and started integrating them straight into the Navy right after graduation. We had more issues with fraternization between the female "officers" and the enlisted than you can imagine. They (Ensigns) actually thought they could boss me (A Marine CWO3) around! That backfired on them the first time they attempted it!!!

HMS Defiant said...

I'm kinda glad I was offline for all that. It seems nothing changed while I was temporarily away....

HMS Defiant said...

I think they never will but it was nice to see the WSJ tell their idiots to sod off when they demanded input to the Editorial Pages and Opinion selections/writing.

HMS Defiant said...

I figure I was truly lucky. First ship/forward deployed to MIDEAST for years. I was Aux Off. The CHENG was LDO LT, Electrical Off was LDO LT, the DCA/R DIV was CWO2, the B and M Div Off were CPOs. Me and the MPA were the only line types in the logroom.
I did my best to get one of my worst nemesis' to be wardroom mess treasurer and when it was clear that I was being railroaded by the rest of the officers I cried out, somewhat desperately, "I'm here dammit! I thought we gave this job to the officer that missed the meeting where the new treasurer was selected." They all just laughed, damn them.
I sometimes wonder if there was anybody at all who didn't know exactly what was going to happen when we mixed the boys and girls together in the dark at sea. I laughed out loud when the officers on the Tenders told me of their roving khaki patrol duties to investigate fan rooms and dark spaces to make sure nobody was getting any in the Persian Gulf. That worked out real well.